Why service parts should be important to you


What’s one of the most important things you think about after making a major purchase? For us, we think about service. We think about how we can be there for our customers when they need assistance. We believe you think about that too but many times this is an afterthought in the buying process. We know it’s easy to look past when we are in decision mode. So, in case you weren’t aware, we’d like to make sure you know what you’re getting from Rotary Lift – when it comes to service parts.


Anything mechanical, with moving parts, will eventually need service, or parts replaced, to keep it running and functional. These are things we all accept. Like when you purchase a car - you know you need to change the oil every 3,000 miles, make sure your tires are in good shape and make sure those pesky turn signals are actually blinking. Those are things we all commonly accept when making a big purchase, with a car. Well, purchasing a lift is no different but the difference comes when you need those parts quickly, to get your shop back up and running at full speed because unlike cars you won’t find many of your common lift parts at your nearby NAPA. So you need a partner that is going to be there. Someone you can count on when you need service parts quickly.

We believe service, and the availability of parts, go hand-in-hand. Common parts – which we classify as Class A parts – need to be something that is easy to order and have quickly shipped out. That’s why we stock over five thousand part numbers in our Parts Department. When we receive your call, or email, we have the ability to quickly react to your need. Our parts team understands a lift being down is money being lost. The ability to order a part and have it shipped to you in 24-hours is one of the many other benefits you have with Rotary Lift. Our parts team is not only here during our normal business hours, but they are also here during normally scheduled plant shutdowns - because we understand the importance of service and support to our customers’.

At the end of the day, there are committed people backing your lifts and putting your parts orders together in a timely manner. Our goal is to give you the best support in the industry and service parts is just one part of that goal that we wanted you to know about. The next time you’re looking for a lift. Ask yourself – will this company be there to support me after the lift is installed? Always remember the answer is yes with Rotary Lift - people have trusted us for nearly 90 years.


 Choosing OE Parts