Which auto lift is right for me?


We all make many easy decisions every day and most of the time we don’t even think about them. So, when we do have big decisions to make we like to have all the right information. Informed decisions have become easier over the last 10 years, as more information is put online.  Consumers have never had more power in decision making and throughout the buying process. In fact, recent studies have shown that by the year 2020 most of the decision making process will be completed without ever interacting with a sales person. When it comes to your next auto lift there are a many questions you can ask yourself. Those questions need to be answered before committing to a purchase. We've made it a little easier for you, and listed some of the considerations and questions for you to think about.

Let's look at 6 considerations to make, along with questions to ask when shopping for your next auto lift.

The most expensive lift you can buy is the one that isn’t lifting
Keeping your service bay productive is a must. Whenever you lose time with a lift that is down you cut productivity by 50%. In short, you could be losing $400 dollars per day while you’re waiting for your lift to be repaired. Take a hard look at the quality and dependability you need when deciding on a new lift. Do the companies you are considering have the support to keep you going? Have they been lifting since 1925?


Quality & Warranty
The manufacturer’s facilities should conform to ISO9001, the highest international benchmark of quality. Lift quality should be backed by a strong warranty that clearly states what components are covered and under what conditions. Be sure to read each warranty thoroughly. You don’t want to assume you’re covered and then come to learn the fine print said something different. 


U.S. Engineering and Testing
Ask yourself these questions when considering this topic. Is the lift engineered and tested with North American manufacturing and safety standards, even if some components are manufactured overseas? Is the company known for innovation or simply “knock-offs” of others’ ideas? Does the manufacturer own the design, or is it simply purchasing “off the shelf” product without an intimate knowledge of their integrity?


Certification and Safety
Do the lifts you are considering come with the gold ALI/ETL certification label, the only industry-recognized documentation that the lift has been third-party tested and has met performance and safety standards? Does the manufacturer life-cycle test products for durability and robustness? These are all questions you need to think about, especially when it comes to the safety of your shop.

Certified_Gold_Label_LogoFactory Support
Is there a factory behind the lift, or is it just a website/warehouse? Have they made an investment in building a large team of engineers and trained specialists? Do they have a committed team of trained customer service consultants that not only help our customers but help train installers in the field? Call the lift company you’re looking to buy from. Can they answer yes to these questions?

yokeGenuine Parts
Does the manufacturer have a computerized parts system that is constantly maintained to keep your lifts up and running if there are parts needed? Do they have parts that can ship in 24 hours? Do they strive to consistently improve quality and durability of those parts? Have the peace of mind when buying a lift that you will always have the support of the manufacturer on your side.

When buying your next auto lift keep these things in mind. Get beyond what the manufacturer is promising you. Consider the answers to all of the questions asked above. Keep in mind the total cost of ownership over the lift’s life span. Make a decision based in fact, not based in opinion.  That’s our blueprint for choosing your next auto lift.



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