What is the Blueprint?

We would like to welcome you to Rotary Lift's brand new blog - The Blueprint! We are excited to be breaking new ground, and excited to give our customers another avenue for valuable information. Keep an eye on this page because it will be updated weekly with new posts on many different topics. Just to give you a little teaser here are a few things we will be writing about in the near future: 

  • How Lift Speed Affects Your Shop
  • 4 steps to maximize productivity and profitability
  • 5 warning signs that your lift needs to be repaired

You might wonder how we came up with the name "Blueprint" for our blog. Many of you know our company has been around since 1925. We have a rich history; and along with that, we have a large library of historic original material. One day, a few months ago, we were looking through a rather large leather bound book. All we could see were folded papers, yellowed from time, that had been glued in so they wouldn't be lost. Like you, we were rather curious as to what this could be. So, we opened the first one we came to. We couldn't belive what we were seeing, it was the original blueprint for the first ever Rotary Lift! The blueprint is dated July 18, 1925. At that point we knew there had to be a way to share this amazing find and the idea to use the original blueprint for our background of the blog was formed. What you see - in the background behind these words - is that original 1925 blueprint, scanned in for this page. We thought it was a great way to incorporate some of our history into the page. 

We hope you enjoy the blog and we encourage you to to be a part of it. Here's your blueprint on how to do that:

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Thanks for stopping in. You will hear from us soon!