What is Raised In Madison?


What does it mean to be Raised In Madison? Many of you have seen the launch of our new campaign titled "Raised In Madison". So what does it mean? From the moment our founder, Peter Lunati, invented the first hydraulic automotive lift nearly 90 years ago, Rotary Lifts have set the standard for quality, ingenuity and value for every repair shop, dealership and service center that owns one. The Rotary brand holds a legendary reputation among those in the industry. But what’s the real driver behind that reputation?

Simply put, it’s our people that make the difference…

bending_steelBeing Raised In Madison means many things, to many people. If you walk onto our shop floor the overwhelming majority of our employees will tell you it means family. Working together as a team is an important aspect to Rotary Lift and this has fostered the feeling of being part of a family even more. Our employees are a very tight-knit group -- they work together, their kids go to school together, their families spend time together and they genuinely care about each other. This has built trust, over the years, in each individual's responsibilities. Our employees can turn to each other when something is needed at work or at home. This sense of family is not uncommon in the Midwest. It's part of our being...it's who we are -- our hard working employees pride themselves on these values and trust. It goes into every lift we build.


Some would say that being Raised In Madison leads to a dedication to quality, and pride in our work. Each employee is empowered to find a better way; and to ensure that every lift that comes off the line meets or exceeds what our customers expect. How do we do this? We make sure that it meets our own expectations first. Quality is our driver - it's the standard by which Rotary is judged. 

You'd also have those that tell you being Raised In Madison is about innovation, craftsmanship, dedication and being an industry leader. They'd all be right. You see, at the end of the day, being Raised In Madison means something different to all of us here in Madison, IN. Our goal is to let you see what being Raised In Madison is all about. Defining it with one word is impossible.

Above all being Raised In Madison is about doing the things that no other lift company can do. Enjoy our story. Meet the men and women that build your lift and see for yourself what it truly means to be Raised In Madison.



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