Everyone loves specialty wheels—except the people who service them.

A lot of people write letters when they’re unhappy. Bought something that didn’t work? Write a letter. Bad service at a restaurant? Write a letter. Unhappy with the way a politician handled an issue? Write a letter. So we suspect a lot of OEMs and aftermarket wheel companies are getting letters that read a lot like this:                 

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Six Secrets to Successful Mounting and Balancing

Whether you’ve mounted and balanced tires for years or your shop is just starting to consider tire work as another revenue stream, there are some simple questions to ask yourself when mounting and balancing tires.

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Wheel Alignments: Roll into More Revenue

Tire margins are getting tighter every year. Selling tire protection is one way to regain the lost revenue caused by shrinking margins. And, of course, selling alignments is a way to increase your profitability. But as most tire dealers will tell you: it’s not easy to sell alignments. So how do you get more alignment business?

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