Increase tire sales and services with TreadScan™

Did you know that more than one-third of American drivers can’t tell if their tires are bald? That’s a major safety concern for drivers since worn tires can increase the likelihood of a crash.

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Six reasons to consider upgrading your alignment equipment. [Video]

For years, the technology behind alignment equipment has advanced one small improvement at a time. Recently, big strides have been made in alignment to help shops save space and become more efficient. Many of those steps have been made by a company that you already know and trust: Rotary.

Today, Rotary offers a full line of wheel service equipment that includes changers and balancers. But it’s Rotary’s wheel alignment systems that really turn heads, because its major addition comes in the form of subtraction—their machines don’t require large, obstructive camera towers. And that’s just the beginning. Take a look at these six reasons to consider Rotary above the competition.

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How do you know when it’s time to replace your wheel equipment?

We don’t know of any shop owners who wake up and think: “You know, after I have my morning cup of coffee, I think I’ll drop a load of cash into some new equipment just for the heck of it.” If anything, you’re probably having that cup of joe and thinking: “Man, I hope that old changer holds up just one more day”.

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Product Spotlight: R501N Speedchanger HD

Flipping tires may sound like a good workout for some people, but force those same people to do it for a living, and their views may change. However, that’s a daily occurrence in the life of a HD tire technician. With some tires, like the new super singles, tipping the scales at 300lbs.+, you can see why trying to man handle that all day would get old. So why not make your tech’s life and your bottom line better? Enter Rotary’s R501N Speedchanger HD.

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What you need to know about wheel service equipment. [infographic]

Wheel and tire service accounts for 20% of all aftermarket parts purchases. For decades, many shops have relied on this service as a good source of revenue. That opportunity is becoming even bigger. 

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Let’s get it straight: Alignment for heavy duty rigs saves money.

Your supervisor probably understands the challenges of running a service shop. That doesn’t mean he’s going to give you a bigger budget or reset his expectations for fleet performance—so you still need to meet those challenges.

If you’re like many fleet managers, there’s one thing you might be overlooking that could save wear and tear on your vehicles and their drivers, not to mention save a lot of money on fuel costs—alignment.

Wait. Don’t go yet. If you think of alignment as a waste of time and money instead of a service that could save both, stick with us for a second. We understand.

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2017 APTA Guide

Christmas, Thanksgiving and your birthday are big events but they happen every year. That means you are never more than some 365 days away. However, events like the Summer Olympics, solar eclipses and the American Public Transportation Association Expo are fewer and farther between, making them worth the trip.

The APTA Expo takes place every 3 years and is the public transit industries largest show. With more than 800 global exhibitors there is plenty to see and do. So the big question, “Are you going?” And the answer should be, “Yes!”

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3 Reasons to Embrace Wheel Service

Most shop owners and techs in the auto repair world know a bit about wheel and tire repair. They see it as a service they can offer their customers who are coming in for other issues. Most view wheel service as a necessity, but not for making money, rather to appease customers who want a one stop shop for general maintenance. What they may not realize is there are many benefits to offering a full line of wheel service in their shops. Here’s why:

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The Five Ws of Wheel Service

Wheel service. If you’ve recently added it to your shop’s offerings, you’re probably very glad you did. If you haven’t added it yet, a lot of your competition is probably very glad you haven’t. But you probably should.

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Free Wheel Service eBooks: Balancers & Changers

Often seen and sold together, you normally wouldn’t purchase a tire changer without a balancer. The two go hand in hand. There are a lot of options and questions to consider when thinking about upgrading or adding this equipment to your shop. That's why our latest eBooks are about balancers and changers.

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