Women of Steel: Kim Jones


Meet the people that define what being Raised In Madison™ means. All our employees' stories are different but at their core we are all the same -- our dedication to quality drives us.
Today hear Kim Jones journey, of dedication and hard work. Hear how her persistence in wanting to work for Rotary Lift has paid off. The determination she has shown, not only in wanting to work here, but in her drive is something we should all strive for.
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Raised In Madison: Men and Women of Steel

Over the last year you've heard a lot about Raised In Madison. We've even written a blog about it -- What is Raised In Madison™?
Being Raised In Madison™ means many things, to many people. If you walk onto our shop floor the overwhelming majority of our employees will tell you it means family. Working together as a team is an important aspect to Rotary® Lift and this has fostered the feeling of being part of a family even more. Our employees are a very tight-knit group -- they work together, their kids go to school together, their families spend time together and they genuinely care about each other. This has built trust, over the years, in each individual's responsibilities. Our employees can turn to each other when something is needed at work or at home. This sense of family is not uncommon in the Midwest. It's part of our being...it's who we are -- our hard working employees pride themselves on these values and trust. It goes into every lift we build.
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The man that started an industry: Peter Lunati

There are many things in the world that are stronger than we are but nothing is as strong as a good idea. The man that created an industry would set out to improve the lives of technicians, like himself, with his invention of the first hydraulic lift, for vehicle use.

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3 can't miss opportunities of the 2015 Work Truck Show

Tomorrow the gates will open in the crossroads of America -- Indianapolis, Indiana -- for the 2015 Work Truck Show. This years show focuses on finding answers for your business, and as a part of that focus we will be at the show as a part of the productivity pavilion. Showcasing our MACH Mobile Columns (booth # 5575) and what they can bring to your shop but that isn't all you will be able to experience, or learn, at the show this year. 

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How to stabilize a vehicle when removing heavy components

Rotary Lift introduces a lightweight, easy-to-use jack stand designed to stabilize vehicles loaded on two-post surface and inground lifts. The new RS4 supplementary tripod jack stand features 4,000 lbs. of capacity and can be raised to a maximum height of seven feet to reach nearly any raised vehicle.

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Don’t Let Inspector Clouseau Near Your Vehicle Lifts

All lift inspectors are not created equal. Considering that the safety and productivity of your technicians ride on your lifts, you want only a qualified lift inspector to make sure the equipment is functioning properly. But how do you know if you’re getting Sherlock Holmes instead of Inspector Clouseau?

Many state codes and regulations require that vehicle lifts be professionally inspected by “qualified lift inspectors” at least once a year. ALI Certified Lift Inspectors are proven qualified to inspect any manufacturer’s vehicle lifts in accordance with ANSI/ALI ALOIM-2011, the national standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection and maintenance. There are already more ALI Certified Lift Inspectors in Rotary Lift’s RAI network than in any other manufacturer’s distribution channel. Rotary Lift is the first manufacturer to support the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program with a certification requirement for its service network.

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Protecting the backbone of your workforce... literally - Wheel Wing™

Our latest productivity-enhancing car lift accessory makes it easier for technicians to remove wheels for tire rotations and brake and suspension work. Introduced at the SEMA Show, the new Wheel Wing™ tire hanger attaches to a two-post or inground lift’s swing arm, providing a convenient resting place for wheels.

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3 ways to stay-in-touch with Rotary Lift

Staying connected has never been easier. As a society, and world, we've never been closer. Many of you have connected - or reconnected - with old friends and business counterparts, over the last few years — as social media has grown. 

That growth in social media presence wouldn’t be possible without your help. Sharing our experiences, information and giving you a peek behind our doors is something we enjoy doing. Please be sure to share these experiences with anyone you know, that may not realize just how much we do share online about the business.

Here are the 3 places where you can stay-in-touch with Rotary Lift:

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How to protect your shop - LockLight™

Every time a technician raises a vehicle for service on a lift, standard industry safety practices require that the lift be “lowered to locks” before starting work. To do this, the vehicle is raised to slightly above working height, and then lowered a bit until the lift locks engage. This process relieves the lift’s hydraulic pressure and places the load of the vehicle securely on mechanical safety latches. Doing so reduces the chance of the vehicle freefalling if the lift system fails.

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Rotary Lifts are built up to a standard, not down to a price

In 1925, our founder, Peter Lunati, designed and patented the world’s first hydraulic automotive lift. Not long after that, in 1936, our marketing forefathers, while advertising the “Free-Wheel Superstructure” said that “Rotary Lifts are built up to a standard, not down to a price.” Truer words were never written.

Next year, we will celebrate our 90th year of building the world’s best and most trusted lifts. In all those years, so much has changed, yet one thing remains the same…Rotary Lift’s commitment to building a quality product that will serve your business years into the future.

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