Top Blogs of 2016

Annnnd it's gone! The past year came and went, and if you're like us, you will spend the next 8 months trying to discreetly change that 6 into 7 when you write a check.(those of us that still write checks) 2016 was a big year for Rotary Lift, and the Blueprint Blog, so let's take a look back at the blogs of 2016 that you thought were the best.


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RAI Spotlight: American Hoist Air & Lube

The state of Michigan has become synonymous with freezing cold temps, giant snow storms, and residents who point to their palm to tell you where they’re from. However, many may think about the blue collar auto workers that have made Michigan proud to be the center of the automobile industry. Following in that same tradition is American Hoist Air & Lube, a family owned and operated Rotary Lift distributor whose best-selling feature(aside from great lifts) is their commitment to customer service.

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Customers Talk, Rotary Listens

Every time a technician raises a vehicle for service on a lift, standard industry safety practices require that the lift be “lowered to locks” before starting work. To do this, the vehicle is raised to slightly above working height, and then lowered a bit until the lift locks engage. This process relieves the lift’s hydraulic pressure and places the load of the vehicle securely on mechanical safety latches. Doing so reduces the chance of the vehicle freefalling if the lift system fails.

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Product Spotlight: RLP77

To say “dynamite comes in small packages” may be the greatest understatement ever made if referring to Rotary’s new RLP77. Rotary recently introduced this all new double section scissor lift and expects big things out of its tiny foot print. A sleek design coupled with some of the industry’s most innovative features makes this lift a must have in any shop environment.

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Product Spotlight: EFX60™


There are two ways to describe Rotary’s EFX60; durable and versatile. Rotary, the industry leader in innovation, added to their already stellar line of heavy duty inground lifts when we introduced the EFX60 in 2011.  The EFX60 is part of the newest generation of environmentally friendly heavy duty inground lifts. The EFX60 is ALI third party certified and manufactured in the U.S.A. Rotary Lift uses proven technology to bring you the most robust and reliable lifts in the industry.

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RAI Spotlight: Pacific Lift and Equipment Company

When you think of California, what comes to mind- Hollywood, a hillside mansion, the cast of 90210? Probably all of the above, but what about a family owned and operated business with customer oriented service? That’s probably not first on your list, but that is exactly the case with Pacific Lift and Equipment Company. Nestled right outside of one of the largest cities in the world, you’ll find a 3rd generation family run business, that thrives on providing quality equipment and world class customer service.

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50 Years in the Making…of Lifts

When you sit back and think, 50 years isn’t a very long time. If you are referring to the age of a person, 50 years could be considered middle aged. When discussing houses, a home built in the 1960’s would not be considered historic. Some say wines don’t even reach full maturity until they hit the 70 year mark. However, when talking about the relationship between an employee and employer, 50 years would seem almost unattainable, not to Eddie Brooks.

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10 Things We’ve Learned Through 100 Posts

Hold on to your party hats: We’ve passed 100 posts on the blog-ometer, and it’s time to celebrate! We’ve shared a lot and learned even more. So grab a beer and a fistful of confetti, then come along as we take a tour of 10 truths we’ve come to know over the course of 100 blogs:

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Raised In Madison: Teamwork and Pride

Our latest series of videos for its Raised in Madison™ campaign shines the spotlight on five hardworking employees in the company's Madison, Ind. manufacturing and assembly plants. Watch the new "Men and Women of Steel" videos at

Raised in Madison was launched last year to tell the "behind-the-lift" stories of the people who build and support Rotary® Lift's industry-leading car and truck lifts. The campaign highlights the pride and craftsmanship Rotary Lift employees put into their work, as well as the family atmosphere on the plant floor. The original Raised in Madison video series focused on the teams responsible for iconic Rotary Lift light- and heavy-duty products, while the new "Men and Women of Steel" series provides a more in-depth look at how some of the workers got their start at Rotary Lift and what the company means to them.

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Your Answer To Servicing High Roof Commercial Vans

The commercial van market is enjoying a renaissance as businesses and individuals flock to new unibody models including the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Nissan NV and Ram ProMaster. Technicians can efficiently service even the tallest high-roof vans with the new Rotary Lift extended-height SPO12 two-post lift introduced at the NADA Expo 2015. The new extended-height option, which increases the lift’s overall height by three feet, is available for both the standard and timesaving Shockwave™ SPO12 models.

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