Add Revenue by Servicing Medium-Duty Trucks

Rotary Lift_Blog Image_Add RevenueExpanding your service capabilities beyond light-duty trucks can prove to be lucrative, thanks to strong sales  that show medium-duty trucks—ranging from 10,001 to 26,000 pounds—are in high demand. The reason: They’re workhorses that allow drivers to transport heavy goods easily and safely, but don’t require a CDL license to operate.

“The number of companies that have drivers with a commercial driver’s license is almost nil,” Doug Acker of Mark Christopher Chevrolet in Ontario, Calif., told Business Fleet.

So while these workhorse trucks are made to adapt  to the needs of a variety of businesses, they do need regular—and specialized—service to keep up with the demands placed on them by users. That’s why investing in versatile lifting equipment can help increase your customer base—and your bottom line.

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When it comes to lifts, a multitasker might be perfect for your fleet.

Do you have more types of vehicles to service than you have techs? Are you just as likely to have a 5 ton truck waiting for a bay as you are a 4 cylinder passenger vehicle? Waiting behind those, do you have someone wanting to know when you could check out a strange noise coming from a tractor or a dump truck? 

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Why Faster Is Better for Technicians, Shops and Customers

Faster service can make the shop and the technician more money, while also making customers happier. Of all the shop tools available, a vehicle lift offers the greatest opportunity for increasing service speed to improve service bay productivity and profitability.

Speed is everything to the technician and the shop – it has a direct impact on how they make a living,” says Kirk Dawson, vice president of sales for Rotary Lift. “Every service bay is a profit center, and boosting revenue performance based on service volume is a key goal for our customers.”

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Top 10 Rotary Lift Accessories

In general, accessories are like the exclamation point on an outfit – they help complement the base package and pull everything together. In the case of lift accessories, they go one step further than just making the lift look good to actually help technicians be more effective, which translates into faster cycle times, more service tickets and higher profits. Looking good and making more money while doing it? Yes, please. 

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Get ready. Things are about to get heavy.

In 1975, C.W. McCall released “Convoy”—an epic country song (that became a not-so-epic movie) about big trucks rolling across the nation in a line like a cross-country truck parade. Now it’s 42 years later, and it feels like that convoy might soon be rolling its way right into your shop.

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The complete lowdown on low-rise lifts

Does an inground or four-post lift give you the power and height you need for your big jobs? You bet. Do you always need that height and power? Of course not. And that’s where low-rise lifts come in. They’re perfect for quick service work like brakes, tires, body repairs and estimating.

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Designing your shop to increase profits without increasing square footage

When it comes to your shop, size matters. Bigger is better. And bigger often means the difference between your shop shutting its doors and your shop thriving well into the future. Just ask one of the 6,000 smaller shops that closed between 2008 and 2014. That’s right. Around 6,000 shops went out of business in less than six years. Here’s something even more mindboggling: During that same time, the number of bays in repair shops across the country grew by around 13,000.

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Lifting Medium Duty Trucks

For fleet managers, independent shops and dealerships that repair medium duty trucks, finding the right lift can be a balancing act. You want the speed of a car lift, but the capacity of a truck lift. Inground lifts like the SL212SW hit the sweet spot, providing a mix of efficiency and hoisting power. Here’s a look at three things that make inground lifts a good option for any shop that services medium duty trucks and vans. 

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