Tire Discounters Testimonial - Car Lift Review


Hear why our Shockwave™ lifts are revolutionizing the way Tire Discounters are doing business. See a real world example of how speed affects a shops bottom line and in turn it keeps their customers happy and coming back.

ForryForry Hargitt, Director of Sales and Operations with Tire Discounters explains how Shockwave made him a believer with the ability to have a more efficiently ran shop.

Tire Discounters are adding ten to twelve stores a year, annually - with this growth they are upgrading the stores to what they call the store of the future. 

The store of the future features the Shockwave lift. The speed and reliability of this lift gives Tire Discounters the ability to keep their service bays moving - which keeps customers happy, because wait times have been greatly reduced. It also allows their technicians to see more jobs per day - which increases their profits. It's a win-win for both sides.

What were the drivers that led you to picking Shockwave lifts?

Forry Hargitt:  "When we started looking at the stores we looked at efficiency, and also reducing the amount of time the customer had to be at the store. One of the ways we have done that is we've gone to the Rotary Lift® Shockwave."

What made your decision to go with the Shockwave lift?

Forry Hargitt:  "It was a no-brainer - once I saw the ability and the capabilities of it - no-brainer to put them in. We can see a huge improvement in a store by putting the Shockwave in -  it's a light switch affect, as far as being able to do service."

How has the Shockwave changed your business?

Forry Hargitt:  "We setup a drive-thru system - so we pull a car in, it comes on to the Shockwave, we can go up in the air get the tires off - we set it back down they drive straight forward onto a drive-thru alignment rack, the alignment is done and out - and we can do this is under ten minutes. We can do it accurately, efficiently and the customer can be in an out in a reduced amount of time, with that Shockwave."


We also spoke with Thomas Litteral, Cincinnati Ohio General Manager Store #82 with Tire Discounters

What do technicians love about Shockwave?

Thomas Litteral:  "With the Shockwave lifts being twice as fast as a standard lift it really helps the technicians get to work right away. They're not waiting around for the lift to lower or raise the vehicle to where it needs to be."

As your shop prepares for the future, take a page out of Tire Discounters playbook - look for the lift that can not only help you become more efficient, but keep your customer base happy and coming back again and again. Thanks for joining us for this car lift review. 

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