The Next Big Thing In Lifts


Power Wheels are in thousands of garages across America, just sitting in disrepair. How do you repair them? Is there an easy way to get to the under carriage of those vehicles? All questions we've received, and have spent many hours looking into. 

SPOAPowerwheelsHow are people servicing them? Are you bending over to take that battery out for the fifth time this month? Have your wheels worn down and cracked? Is there a stick stuck in your wheel well? Don't hassle yourself with those types of problems again.

Today, we are proud to announce an entire new line of Two Post lifts -- designed specifically with your kids in mind. Stop using that old power wheel as a holder for all your kids toys, and get it back up and running! With our new SPOA4KIDS -- this lift is designed to handle all types of power wheels, and will easily fit into your garage with an extremely small footprint.


  • Capacity:  400 lbs
  • Power: 14 AA batteries
  • Rise Height: 4 1/2 ft
  • Time of Full Rise: 10 seconds

Stop the crying from your daughter and fix her Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler. Keep your son from looking at you as a failure, while his Power Wheels Ford F-150 Extreme Sport waits for its next oil change. Don't allow these situations to ruin your day anymore, and put that smile back on your kid's face.





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