The man that started an industry: Peter Lunati


There are many things in the world that are stronger than we are but nothing is as strong as a good idea. The man that created an industry would set out to improve the lives of technicians, like himself, with his invention of the first hydraulic lift, for vehicle use.

We wanted to take the chance to share a little more about the man that founded us. We want you to meet Peter Lunati, founder of Rotary® Lift.

Peter Lunati was born in Tennessee July 16th, 1890. While living in Tennessee he worked as an auto mechanic.

P-LunatiMr. Lunati also served our country during World War I as a spiritual advisor to this fellow troops. It is said that he encountered hundreds of troops during his service. He advised soldiers during campaigns in St. Mihiel, France. This battle is known for being the first battle that used the term "D-Day". He also served as an advisor in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive - which, at the time, was the largest military battle in American history.

Once the war ended Mr. Lunati returned to Memphis, TN and opened a garage. While in the business, he quickly realized his dislike for crawling in and out of a pit, to fix automobiles. An idea hit him one day while getting a haircut. The barber's chair went up-and-down with such ease. Mr Lunati thought to himself why couldn't this same idea be used for vehicles. And so the journey began to invent the worlds first hydraulic vehicle lift. He filed his first patent in June of 1925 and Rotary Lift was born.





The first Rotary Lift was installed in Liversiege Service Station, Memphis, Tennessee. The name "Rotary" came from the fact the lift would rotate 360 degrees with vehicle raised.

Today, Peter Lunati's vision lives on, more than likely, in ways he never imagined. We are proud to carry on his legacy and know that we strive to keep the same simple idea -- make the lives of technicians better each day.

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