The Force Behind The Lift - Meet Jeff Hay

We recently sat down with Jeff Hay, corporate controller with VSG. Jeff's expertise in various fields has been an extremely valuable part of our growth over the last few years at VSG. It's employees like Jeff that make Rotary Lift what is is today. Take a few minutes to meet Jeff, one of Rotary’s Force Behind the Lift. 

Q:  How long have you been with Rotary Lift?

Jeff:  I’ve been at Rotary Lift since 2001.

Q:  What do you enjoy about your job?

Jeff:  I love the variety of work - never a dull moment. I like working with our foreign regions. I get to work with Customer Service and occasionally with our distributors. We have monthly and quarterly reports for Dover, taxes, SOX, insurance and legal issues. Looking at new business opportunities is fun. There is never a chance to be bored with my job.

Q:  What is your background with your current position?

Jeff:  Having an Accounting degree is the first thing. A background in audit, working internationally and in manufacturing are things that help with my job.

Q:  What is one thing about being the corporate controller that people may not know?

Jeff:  Everyone knows I work with numbers and get involved with SOX. What people may not know is the familiarity needed with our three operating regions. In January I went to Europe to train our new Finance Director, and recently I went to Asia to work on a tax dispute.

Q:  What are the biggest challenges of your job?

Jeff:  I don’t think I’m different than most everyone else. Like most people, time is my biggest challenge. I often have unexpected requests or maybe a review of a potential acquisition. We try to get everything done as quickly as we can.

Q:  During your work career or personal life what are you most proud of?

Jeff:  I grew up in a town of 800 people in the middle of nowhere. I would have never guessed I would have had so many great opportunities in my career and work in so many places around the world.

Q:  What is one fun fact about you that people may not know?

Jeff:  I love my garden and working around the house. I enjoy putting on some scrubby clothes, going outside and getting dirty.

Q:  What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work?

Jeff:  I’m a big sports junky. My wife chases me off my computer all the time. Detroit pro sports teams and anything related to my alma mater, Michigan State. I love golf but never have time to play. I also enjoy time with my family – my wife, Donna; three kids and a grandson who recently arrived.

Q:  Are you more of a music fan or a sports fan?

Jeff:  Definitely sports. I listen to sports on my commute to and from work.

Q:  If you purchased one Rotary Lift product what would it be?  Why?

Jeff:  I would have to get something with Shockwave™ on it because I love the concept. Put Shockwave on our Turflift and VSG might have a new customer.