The Force Behind The Lift - Meet Cody Randall

Many of you have spoken with our customer service department over the years. Today we wanted to introduce you to one of that departments newest members -- Cody Randall, product consultant with Rotary® Lift. It's employees like Cody that make Rotary Lift what is is today. Take a few minutes to meet Cody, one of Rotary’s Force Behind the Lift. 

Q:  How long have you been with Rotary Lift?

Cody:  I have been with Rotary Lift for a little over 3 months now.

Q:  What do you enjoy about your job?

Cody:  I enjoy being able to interact with people, whether it be on the phone with someone I’ve never met before or with co-workers that I see nearly every day. Being able to learn something new daily is also an enjoyable perk of being a product consultant.

Q:  What is your background in customer service?

Cody:  I have worked several retail jobs and most notably at Bass Pro Shops. I was a marine department lead which allowed me to help people pick out very expensive toys for very expensive boats, but it also gave me the excuse to go to Bass Pro every day.  I’ll count that as a win.

Q:  What is one thing about working in customer service that people may not know?

Cody:  People may not realize how many different people you can talk to in any given day. If you answer the phone 50 times you may only talk to the same person 2-3 times. That’s a lot of different questions from a lot of different people.

Q:  What is one of the biggest challenges to your job?

Cody:  The biggest challenge of my job is trying to learn the vast amount of knowledge that is required to be able to assist RAI’s on a day-to-day basis. This is where the quality of a Rotary Lift is made apparent. I have found myself assisting RAI’s on lifts that are older than me which shows that you need to know about 25+ years of lifts.

Q:  During your work career or personal life what are you most proud of?

Cody:  I am most proud of being the 1st person in my immediate family to have graduated college. Being able to see how proud I made my family is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Q:  What is one fun fact about you that people may not know?

Cody:  I have been to Three Sisters Springs in Florida where I was able to swim with manatees. They swim up to you and roll over for you to pet them. They are basically 1 ton ocean dogs.Q:  What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work?

Cody:  When I am not at work I enjoy playing/watching basketball and when the weather is permitting I greatly enjoy fishing for some largemouth bass.

Q:  Are you more of a music fan or a sports fan?

Cody:  Definitely a sports fan! I bleed blue. Go UK Wildcats!

Q:  If you purchased one Rotary Lift product what would it be?  Why?

Cody:  I would purchase the SPO12 because it is the most versatile lift, you can use it for anything.

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