The Force Behind the Lift: Kyle Bipes

bipes_suitWhat makes for a strong company? Reliable products, good marketing, a solid sales team; all of those for sure, but what about after the sale? Many say how a company takes care of their customers, may be the truest measure of strength. If that holds true, then Rotary has some serious power. Our customer service team is second to none, and you encounter it with every call.

Today we are talking with Kyle Bipes, Technical Product Consultant for Rotary Lift. Whether you need to know the standard length of a hydraulic hose on a SPOA10, or the correct way to flush mount the RLP77, Kyle can give you the information you need. Our customer service team at Rotary really know their lifts and Kyle, though the youngest member on the team, is no exception! 

Q: How long have you been with Rotary Lift? 

Kyle: I have been with Rotary Lift for 5 months now. Funny story, when I started I was listening in on a call and forgot to mute my headset. I made the statement "I have no idea what he is talking about!," and the customer heard it all! Luckily, we have some of the greatest customers in the world and he just laughed it off!

Q: What do you enjoy about your job? 

Kyle: What I enjoy most is obviously the people who work along side me. What makes it enjoyable is that we all can laugh and have a good time but when it comes to helping each other out, we all chip in to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Q: What is your work background in?

Kyle: I am a Technical Product Consultant here at Rotary Lift; meaning I am one of the first people our customers contact when they have questions.. The job comes with a lot of responsibilities, such as order entry, warranty claims, along with some very technical questions. The customer service team is very important, as our customer's livelihood is on the line, so we work as fast as possible to get them back up and running.

Q: What is one of the biggest challenges to your job?  

Kyle: One of the biggest challenges with my job is trying to balance everything that this job entails. Being a product consultant I have to wear a bunch of different hats.

Q: During your work career or personal life what are you most proud of? 

Kyle: I am most proud of everything that I have accomplished in such a short amount of time. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish these tasks without the help of my parents.

Q: What is one fun fact about you that people may not know? 

Kyle: Hmmmm...A fun fact would be that I won(or was awarded depending on your view) class clown when I graduated high school

bipes_coachQ: What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work? 

Kyle: I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my nephews and niece. When I am not spending time with family, I will be either playing some type of sport or refereeing basketball.

Q: Are you a music person or a sports person?

Kyle: I am a huge sports fan, because nothing is better than watching the Cincinnati Reds, Indiana Hoosiers, Indianapolis Colts, and Indiana Pacers.

Q: If you purchased one Rotary Lift product what would it be? Why? 

Kyle: If I purchased a lift, it would be the new RLP77, because that is the lift that I will be teaching in class and I know the lift inside and out. Not to mention how versatile it is, all while having a small footprint. 


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