The Force Behind the Lift - Meet Gabe Hearne

A look at the people that make Rotary Lift

Gabe Hearne is a product consultant in the Rotary customer service department. He has been with the company nearly 4 years.

We know many of you have talked to Gabe on the phone over the last few years. He's probably even taught a class you've attended for RAI Training. We wanted you to learn more about him, so let's get to it!

Q:  What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Gabe:  I really enjoy the interaction with all the RAI’s during class.  We are all on the same team and having discussions during class, sharing tips, giving pointers is great.  There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, so anytime you can share past experiences, good and bad, is great.  For instance, I found that it is much easier to mount the laser to the overhead assembly on the 2 Post Shockwave when it’s on the ground as opposed to mounted on the column extensions. That’s my advice that could save you some time!


Q:  What about your role is different than someone else in your position?

Gabe:  Each of our roles in Customer Service is very similar. I would say one difference would be that I have managed Myers Tire Supply and Carquest accounts, so I have a better understanding of their day to day operation. During RAI class I have taught Smartlift and YA12 class, and currently teach the 2 Post Shockwave class.

Q:  What is one fun fact about you that people may not know?

Gabe:  I love to play golf. Just a couple weeks ago in the Madison Chamber of Commerce scramble I chipped in for eagle on two consecutive par 5's.  We all lost our minds!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gabe pictured with his wife (Holly Hearne), kids (Clinton and Raeanna) and Smokie

Q:  What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work?

Gabe:  I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two children, Clinton and Raeanna. Also golfing, fishing and hunting…..anything outdoors.

Q:  How has Rotary Lift impacted you and your family?

Gabe:  Before coming to Rotary I worked 12 hour swing shifts. That didn't allow much family time. I was either working or sleeping. My current schedule allows me to coach my son. He plays baseball, basketball and football. My daughter is 5 and isn’t into sports yet, but I’m sure I will be coaching her as well.

Q:  What are your passions?

Gabe:  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education. Teaching and coaching are what I’m most passionate about. Knowing that I can have a positive impact on a childs life is very rewarding.

Q:  If you purchased one Rotary Lift product what would it be? Why?

Gabe:  I would go with an SL210-SWTA (Shockwave with Truck Adapters). I would also purchase a set of RA Adapters. Shockwave because of its speed, time is money, and inground because of overall appearance. Adapters, so I could service both cars, trucks and SUV’s because we all know that you can’t use RA adapters for any frame engaged vehicle!!!!