The Force Behind The Lift - Meet Doug Spiller


Here at Rotary Lift we pride ourselves on having, in our opinion, the best employees in the business. With that being said The Force Behind the Lift was created. This gives us the opportunity for you to meet our employee's — meet the people behind the scenes. The people that make this company tick.

As we continue down this road our profiles will be posted on Friday's moving forward and we hope you enjoy getting to know our people a little better. This week we want to introduce you to Doug Spiller, heavy duty product manager with Rotary Lift. Doug has 16 years of experience with Rotary Lift . Some things Doug didn't touch on below is he is probably one of our most active employee's on Twitter - follow him @Doug_VSG_Rotary. He will keep you up-to-date on industry news, along with what's happening at Rotary Lift!

We enjoyed our sit down with Doug and we know you will too. We will leave you with this before we get to the Q&A — if you're ever in town and crave good BBQ make sure you look up Doug, the guy knows what he's doing behind a grill and smoker! We digress...on to the interview!

Q:  What do you enjoy about your job?

Doug:  Solving customer problems they may not know they even had. I like seeing that “ahhhh ha” moment.

Q:  Tell us something about the Heavy Duty department that people may not know.

Doug:  HD is a smallish department … we sit next to each other but we all have different outside interests.   Checking in on Monday morning is always a conversation.IMG_4201-edit

Q:  Is there travel involved in your job? If so, what’s been your favorite location to go?

Doug:  Yes .. I travel quite a bit. I’m usually out about 60-70 nights a year.   My last visit to Montreal was terrific. Great people and fabulous food. California is always a great place to go.

Q:  What does a normal day at work consist of?

Doug:  Reading email during breakfast, morning meeting with production, check in with the team and read more email, then start taking calls and going to meetings about current and future products.   Solve world hunger and defeating alien species … normal stuff.

Q:  What is one fun fact about you that people may not know?

Doug:  I’ve lost 65+ lbs this year and have taken up running again (20 year hiatus). Trying to be healthier, wealthier and wise … got two out of three so far …

IMG_4204-editQ:  What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work?

Doug:  Traveling with my family, BBQ's and recently skeet/trap shooting.

Q:  Who’s your favorite sports team?

Doug:  Diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan in the middle of Reds country … I’m holding my own.

Q:  If you purchased one Rotary Lift product what would it be? Why?

Doug:Would it be crazy to say a MCH413? I don’t have the garage roof space, but if I did, this lift would meet my needs (and my neighbors) current and future.   I could open Doug’s Oil Change, BBQ and Hair Salon. When I don’t need them I could store them off in the corner.