The Force Behind the Lift- Barb Greene

Today we are talking with Barb Greene, Product Consultant for Rotary LiftHoopinBarbMiniMe-1

You may have talked to Barb for one reason or another over the past couple of years. Currently working in Servall™ with the car programs, she’s also helped manage moving our product from the factory line to the installer’s hands. Let's get to know Ms. Greene  and find out what makes this chick tick.

  Q: How long have you been with Rotary?

Barb: I started with Servall in September, but my first day in the logistics department was two years ago this past April.

  Q: What do you enjoy about your job?

Barb: The hustle. I don’t like to be idle…isn’t there a saying about that? If my hands can’t be busy, then my mind has to be. Juggling the car accounts can be challenging at times, but I really enjoy watching my orders come off the paper and onto the skid, especially with the larger lift orders. Those take some extra attention sometimes.

  Q: What is your background with your current position?

Barb: I’ve been doing customer service and project tracking in one shape or another for a very long time. Starting out in restaurants during college and afterward, I learned how to talk to people to find out what questions they are really asking. You might not think it, but it can be applied everywhere. Makes things a lot easier…

  Q: What about your role is different than someone else in your position?

Barb: We all focus on certain accounts. I get to take of care of the OE car programs, working closely with Mark Fitzpatrick, to make sure those big orders get on the truck on time and without a hitch. It’s a lot of volume and these car dealers are counting on us to get their new dealerships open on schedule. It’s big stuff.SteampunkBarb-v2

  Q: How could Rotary Lift impact you and your family?

Barb: I want to say, “I have no words,” but I could go on and on about how much it means to me to be a “Rotary Lifter”. When I transitioned in from the logistics team I was just over the moon. I’m from Madison, and everyone featured in our Raised in Madison™ videos is hitting it on the head because it’s all true. This is the place to work! Growing up, the Rotary kids always had the best time and I want to be a part of keeping that alive. I really love that as a company, we are getting involved with an organization like Habitat for Humanity.

  Q: If you could purchase a Rotary, which one would you get?

Barb: It would definitely be a Shockwave™ equipped SPO12. More lift than I’ll ever need. Boom!

Rotary Lift SPO12 Shockwave Two Post Lift