Shockwave™ at work for Ed Morse Cadillac - Car Lift Review


Gene_ByrdHearing real world examples of how something works always helps when you're getting ready to make a decision. We had the chance to speak with Gene Byrd, Fixed Operations Director for Ed Morse Automotive Group and talk about his experience with Rotary Lift's Shockwave™ Equipped Smartlift®.  Gene oversees all of the service, parts and collision centers for the Ed Morse Group. They have 39 bays and 22 technicians at their Tampa location. 

Gene gave us his insights into how this addition has helped his shop and improved their service department in many ways.

 What is your experience with Shockwave?

Gene - "The bottom line is we are getting cars in and out of the bays safer the technicians like it they've got a smile on their face when they're lining that vehicle up and their looking at that laser beam. They don't have to be hanging outside the window, door or the door half open to try to find their way in on the lift. We can now do it quicker, faster, be more productive and the Rotary Shockwave Lift is a huge, huge impact on that."


How much more money can you make with Shockwave?

Gene - "Based on using the Shockwave lift being able to have one additional job per day — our average gross profit - parts and labor - is running around $179 dollars, per RO. So, if you plug that into the Shockwave calculator - based on being open for six days - that's going to give you total gross profit for the week of $1,074 dollars; and we're open fifty one weeks out of the year, which would give us an annual gross profit of $54,774 dollars. Taking the difference of the price of the Shockwave, over the traditional lift, the calculator shows very clearly it's going to take you about .3, which is a third of a month, to pay for this and that's going to give you a gross profit of $53,574 dollars — I don't think anyone would have any problem at all adding that to their bottom gross profit."

What benefits have your technicians seen?

Gene - "The techs that have them obviously love them the techs that don't want to know when they are getting them."

Not only Gene had great things to say. Two of Ed Morse Automotive Group's ASE Certified Technicians had more to add!



Before we left we asked Gene to sum up his thoughts on the Shockwave lift and he had this to say...

"In my opinion if you are in the position to be replacing lifts or doing a ground-up you're going to get the best product that I've seen my 35 years of being in this business." - Gene Byrd, Fixed Operations Director - Ed Morse Automotive Group.

We hope you have found this car lift review helpful! We want to thank Ed Morse Cadillac for their participation!

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