Raised In Madison: Men and Women of Steel

Over the last year you've heard a lot about Raised In Madison. We've even written a blog about it -- What is Raised In Madison™?
Being Raised In Madison™ means many things, to many people. If you walk onto our shop floor the overwhelming majority of our employees will tell you it means family. Working together as a team is an important aspect to Rotary® Lift and this has fostered the feeling of being part of a family even more. Our employees are a very tight-knit group -- they work together, their kids go to school together, their families spend time together and they genuinely care about each other. This has built trust, over the years, in each individual's responsibilities. Our employees can turn to each other when something is needed at work or at home. This sense of family is not uncommon in the Midwest. It's part of our being...it's who we are -- our hard working employees pride themselves on these values and trust. It goes into every lift we build.

Saying that, we want to introduce you to many of our hardworking employees and let you hear their stories. How they got their start, where they are from and where they are today in their journey with Rotary Lift. The men and women that build your lifts each and everyday are all unique and we are extremely excited to share those stories with you.

Since the age of 19, Phillip Brittain learned that hard work pays off and for the last 29 years he's worked his way up to become the Value Stream Leader at Rotary Lift. Learn how he helps make sure you get a quality lift that you can trust, and find out how he believes Rotary Lift sets itself apart from other companies. 

Click the video below to hear Phillip's story and to see many of the other stories from our Rotary Lift employees'.


We look forward to continuing the story of being Raised In Madison and sharing our stories with you.

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