Product Spotlight: Y-Lift is a new kind of alignment lift


The Y-Lift is an entirely new class of alignment lift, and its versatility makes it perfect for all kinds of jobs. The unique, patented design was engineered with mechanics in mind. The Y-shaped legs of this drive-on lift bring big benefits, plus it’s less expensive than the leading brand of alignment lift. Here’s a breakdown of what makes this lift stand out:

More workspace. When up, it’s wide open underneath, unlike restrictive scissor lifts, allowing your techs to move more freely from bay-to-bay. With better access to both vehicles and tools, it’s perfect for all your general repair jobs.

Speed. The Y-Lift cycle times are up to 33% faster than traditional alignment lifts. That’s a big difference to techs – and a big reduction in downtime. Plus, it’s not a parallelogram or a scissor lift: The Y-Lift goes straight up and down, which means a smaller footprint.

Versatility. It’s compatible with vehicles from the biggest pickups to the new micro-cars and all makes of even the newest alignment diagnostic equipment.

Profitability. In short, the Y-Lift is an alignment lift that does double-duty as a general purpose lift, so you can make money with it all day long. And the speed of the lift means you can get those jobs in and out faster. That means higher profits for your shop.

So, the Y-Lift is both a revenue-builder and revenue-saver. Build revenue by quickly performing:
•    Alignments
•    Fluid changes
•    Brake work
•    Inspections
•    You name it

Save money with the Y-Lift’s:
•    Straight up-down movement
•    33% faster speed
•    20% more workspace
•    Ability to align 71 ½-inch to 158 ½-inch wheelbases
•    Lower maintenance

The Y-Lift’s standout design means outstanding performance, versatility, and speed. Learn more about the Y-Lift by visiting our product page.
Rotary Lift Y-Lift - YA12