Product Spotlight: SPOA10 - Two Post Lift

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Join us as we take a closer look at our SPOA10. We sat down with John Bliton, product consultant with Rotary Lift. John works with many of our lifts, and is extremely familiar with the SPOA10 from his time in the field installing them, to the time in the classroom where he teaches our RAI (Rotary Authorized Installer) team the ins and outs of this popular 2-post car lift.

John's extensive background with the SPOA10 gives him the expert knowledge to help our customers every day. He and the rest of our Madison, IN based Rotary customer service team speak with customers daily on any technical and application questions they might have. He has also been a part of many installs, which have given him the field knowledge that he uses in the classroom while teaching our RAI team about this lift. John gives us his insights into this 2 post lift, so let's see what he had to say.

Q:  What makes the SPOA10 so popular?

John:  It's the original asymmetric lift. It allows the vehicle to sit behind the column a little bit because the columns are turned 30 degrees. This is a huge advantage for door clearance while having a car on the lift. It also allows the carriage and slide block to work easier and holds up better without an undue amount of torque on the structure . That is why it's the most popular lift in North America.

Q:  What an advantage the SPOA10 gives Rotary Lift over our competitors?

John:  One definite advantage is being a true asymmetric lift and not just having bent arms in the front. Our design on the SPOA10 allows the lift to have a longer life than our competitors. Instead of replacing a lift every six to seven years because of worn out components, this lift [SPOA10] is going to last. We know they will last because we performance test our Rotary lifts to 20,000 lift cycles.

Q:  What are the most common adapters sold with the SPOA10?

John:  Our three position flip-up adapters come with the 2-stage arms. It’s the same style adapter that we’ve used on light duty lifts for about 40 years. We now have the stackable adapters, the round rubber adapters referred to as the RA adapters by most. Those are designed for pinch points on unibody cars. We also have truck adapters (TA) that are frame engaging adapters that must be used to make positive engagement on trucks.

Q:  What are the advantages to equipping and SPOA10 with Shockwave™?

John:  You know; that is the cool thing about this 2-post lift. We have so many variations that give our customers many options. The biggest of those variations is Shockwave. This lift will raise and lower a vehicle 2X faster than our standard two post lift. So, if you are in an oil bay you are looking at adding an extra one to two jobs a day, per bay. This lift makes you money every day.  Because its battery operated with an 110v charger, Shockwave equipped lifts give you the advantage to run during power outages. You'll never have a car stuck in the air because there’s no power to get it down. These lifts pay for themselves very quickly. There are huge advantages to having a faster lift.


Q:  Is there anything about the SPOA10 that our customers may not be familiar with or know?

John:  On the SPOA10 you can order in 3 different heights - which would be the standard, the one foot and two foot extended heights. You can also order this lift in our four basic colors, but you can also have it customized with a slightly longer lead time and up charge. We have had pink lifts made for breast cancer awareness, and we have had North Carolina Tarheel blue lifts ship out too. Our customers have the opportunity to get what they need and want.

Thanks for taking the time to join us! We enjoyed speaking with John and getting his insights on the SPOA10. If you would like to learn more please contact us or click below to download our Light Duty Resource Guide!


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