Product Spotlight: MCH413 Mobile Columns Lift

We invite you to join us as we take a closer look at our MCH413. We sat down with Chuck Hensler, heavy duty product support and field service specialist Specialist with Rotary Lift. Not only does Chuck work with the MCH413, from a technical side, but he was part of building the control panels when the Mobile Columns first got their start. His insights into the product and years of experience gave us a great resource for this Q&A session.

Chuck has a strong background with our Mach Series Mobile Column lifts. He works daily on the technical side of our business, with all heavy duty lifts. If you need help, Chuck has the answer. His understanding and expertise, on the MCH413, is why we turned to him about this post.  So, let's see what he had to say!



Q:  What's your background with the MACH Series of Mobile Columns?

A:  I built the original controls for it. Not many changes have been made for it since its release. We have had four different types of MACH Columns at Rotary.  Mach mobile columns have been around for about 7 years, now. Technically, they are very easy to work on - with all the error codes and information the lift gives you. So, I feel like I have been part of the Mobile Columns from the beginning.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Pictured above - Chuck Hensler 

Q:  What have customers embraced most about the MCH413?

A:  The flexibility of the lift; you're not bolted down in a bay.  Its two lifts in one - tire engaging or smaller vehicles you can turn it around and have a 12,000 lb. two post lift that isn't bolted down. So, that's great. The battery operation - not plugged into the wall, and not needing 3-phase power. Even though they are tethered - 3 of the 4 columns are tethered together for communication purposes only - the fact you don't have to have a wall plug in that bay is a terrific option. 

Q:  Who would you say is the best fit for a MCH413?

A:  The best fit would be the automotive garages - the Ford, Chevy, Dodge garages that have a medium duty service bay, gets a lot of benefit from the MCH413.  Your other options would be the SM30 but you lose that bay for any other use. Dealerships and school bus garages are great – 52,000 lbs., there's not a school bus out there that's heavier than that.The cost is right for a school bus garage where it is cost effective for them to use. Class 8 truck garages; class 8 is a semi, road tractor. So, Peterbilt, Mack & Caterpillar service centers are getting into using lifts versus pits, or just working off the floor. Traditionally, Class 8 shops have worked off the floor using half rise jacks. With the introduction of the mobile columns, the cost of the mobile columns, and the efficiencies you gain out of having a lift, you can stand at and do your job, makes you more productive. That makes the mobile columns a good fit and a money maker for those shops.

Q:  If you could only pick one feature, to speak to a customer about, what would it be?

A:  The best feature is the control panel. The ease of setup with the profile of the truck - headlights and taillights. The intuitive controls make our product far superior than any other competitor.

Q:  What are the benefits to having controls at every column?

A:  That's huge! As you are working on the vehicle, I mean, you don't always have to go the front left column to change something. Wherever you're at you can conveniently change heights. If you are working on a differential you might need it at one height, if you need to reach up into the frame rails you're going to have to lower it. So, you can go to any column to get it down to a height that's easy for you to work at, that's the beauty of owning this lift. Whether you're six feet tall, 6' 6" or 5' 8" you can get it where you want, and work in a comfortable range. 

Q:  What are some of the other advantages the MCH413 offers?

A:  Well, for the MCH413 in particular the advantages would be the ability to have a bay, and at the next minute you could pull it out and have a flat stall, to park in, or do any other work you wanted to do. Nothing is permanent; nothing is bolted to the floor. You can use it inside or outside. So, the flexibility of the lift is beyond what a normal lift is. You bolt a normal lift into a bay and that bay is now your lift bay.


Q:  How does the MCH413's mobility help a shop?

A:  The key is flexibility. The mobility portion of that gives you great flexibility. Shop space is always at a premium, so any time you don't have to bolt something down, to take up a lot of real estate, there's a lot of value added to that. Any time you want to use the columns move them in; any time you need the bay for something else you can slide the columns out of the way. That’s the real great thing about having a true mobile column that you can move around. The battery powered MCH413 does that.  

Q:  Why do you say it's a true mobile column?

A:  A mobile column... a lot of competitors use the term mobile column because you can move them around, but to me a true mobile columns is one that's not dependent on a wall plug or tied to the wall for power.  The key to making a true mobile column is the DC powered battery operation. They are totally portable and can go anywhere, that's the key.

We hope you've enjoyed this Q&A!  We would like to thank Chuck for taking the time to sit down with us and going over ther MCH413. 

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