Our top 7 blogs from 2014


We hope you've enjoyed The Blueprint this past year! It's been an exciting time for us starting this blog. We've covered many topics over the last year, and decided to pull our top 7 blogs together for your enjoyment. So, below, you'll find many of the topics we covered - over the year - from productivity to dealer solutions. We hope you enjoy!

5 signs that your lift needs repaired

One of the most important things to your shop is maintaining your equipment. Keeping your lift in top shape will not only prolong its life but it will keep your shop safe.

What is Raised In Madison?

In 2014 we wanted to focus on the people who make us successful - our employees. Raised In Madison is more than just a simple statement, it's the way things are done here at Rotary Lift, that nearly 90 years of experience help mold.

Which auto lift is right for me?

There are many factors that go into getting the right lift. In this post we call out 6 considerations to make before your decision is made.

Car Lifts Designed For Small Garages

Many shops are out of room. It's difficult to find the space to add another bay without adding on. We give another option for those shops to look at moving forward. Lifts with smaller footprints and the capacity to handle most jobs is a solution to take a look at.

4 steps to maximize productivity and profitability

Maximizing technician productivity and shop efficiency have become more critical to overall profitability than ever before. Whether planning a new facility or remodeling an existing one, there are four important steps you can take to maximize productivity and make a real impact on the bottom line.

Are the Lifts You Work Under Every Day Certified?

Trusting the lift your under, sometimes, is taken for granted. Take a look at your lift - is it certified by a third party?

Give Your Service Department a Lift

As the automotive industry changes, so do service departments. New vehicles are bringing in new lifting requirements. We list out 4 things to think about when choosing your next lift.

Is there a blog you didn't see? Or is there a topic we haven't covered you'd like to see in 2015, let us know us know in the comments below.

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