Making the most of APTA


Next Monday the show floor will be busy with exhibits and people at the 2014 APTA Expo in Houston, TX. We are extremely excited to be a part of the show. We have a lot to talk about this year! The official launch of our all-new MOD35 and one other little you know we aren't going to tell you. You'll have to attend the show to find out, and we hope to see you there. But besides our exciting announcements and demo's there are plenty of other things to see at APTA this year.

So we decided to help you out with that. Below is a list of four things to make the most of your APTA visit! By the way Rotary Lift® will be located in booth #3447! Don't forget to stop by and say hi!


We will debut the all new MOD35 modular environmentally friendly inground lift next Monday at the APTA Expo. The MOD35 heavy-duty inground lift series is built on the success of Rotary Lift’s MOD30 environmentally friendly inground lift, which was introduced at APTA Expo 2002. More than 1,100 MOD30 “Heavyweight Champion” lifts have been installed over the last 12 years. The new MOD35 series continues the “championship” reign with best-in-class lifting capacity and clear bay space, patent-pending pendant controls and a lower installation cost.


“We are really excited to show transit professionals all the updates and improvements we’ve made to our MOD Series with the introduction of the MOD35 heavy-duty inground lift,” says Doug Spiller, heavy-duty product manager for Rotary Lift. “The new lift includes all the features they love about the MOD30, with the addition of a wide range of improvements that make the MOD35 easier to use, more cost-effective and durable.”


Doug Spiller, Heavy Duty Product Manager with Rotary Lift will be presenting in the Bus Technical Maintenance & Clean Technology Learning Zone!

Doug brings 15 years of experience in design and in the field of heavy duty lifts. He is also a Rotary Authorized Installer & Trainer. He will be giving industry insights into how to safely lift a heavy duty vehicle, and will also be showing some examples of what not to do when placing your vehicle on a lift. This presentation will give you keys to making your shop safer and more productive.

Don't miss it!

Monday, October 13th - Rooms 382AB & 351AD -  2:45pm -  3:00pm



APTA has put together a rather large and ambitious education sessions series. There are seven "Learning Zone" that are located throughout the George R. Brown Convention Center. Listen to EXPO Exhibitors and industry experts on a wide variety of topics that will cover mobility management, green solutions and transit shelters to name a few. 

Learning_Zones                   *Picture courtesy of

4.  PLAZA 3

Plaza 3 is houses many show features and exhibitors you don't want to miss. One of those features being the APTA Center - Plaza 3 Booth 7630. The APTA Center gives you a place to rest and sit down. There will also be prize drawings at the APTA Center which give you even more reason to stop by! Some of the prizes being given away will be iPads, smartwatches and cameras.

Below are the times of the drawings - so don't miss it!

Monday, Oct. 13th:  12:30pm & 4:15pm
Tuesday, Oct 14th:  10:30am & 1pm
Wednesday, Oct. 15th:  10:30am

And here are a few of the other things to look for at Plaza 3:

We hope everyone attending enjoys the show and stops by to see us. As you can see there is a lot to take in so make the most of your trip to Houston and have a great time!


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