When it comes to lifts, a multitasker might be perfect for your fleet.

Rotary mobile column horizontalDo you have more types of vehicles to service than you have techs? Are you just as likely to have a 5 ton truck waiting for a bay as you are a 4 cylinder passenger vehicle? Waiting behind those, do you have someone wanting to know when you could check out a strange noise coming from a tractor or a dump truck? 

Maintaining a diverse fleet can be complicated, confounding and occasionally problematic. But there’s one thing it rarely is: boring. 

We know a new lift or two won’t solve all of your challenges, but they might give you a decent start. And the right lifts (hint, hint) can even solve some challenges before they come up—like getting your techs the proper training. 

There’s a good chance that you can’t just waltz into your boss’ office and ask for a blank check to upgrade and expand your lifts. That’s why we’ve put together a few quick thoughts below in terms of addressing the variety of vehicles in your fleet. 

Are you as likely to work on a dump truck as you are a pickup truck? Then the right in-ground, four-post or parallelogram lift might help you sell your boss on just one new piece of equipment instead of several. We also have our V-Rex scissor lift, which is one of the most versatile platform lifts on the market.

Do you have limited space and a wide variety of vehicles in your fleet? If so, we highly recommend checking out our mobile column lifts. These versatile, easy to use, space saving lifts come in a variety of capacities. We even have a mobile forklift lift, which—even if you don’t have a forklift—is really fun to say. 

Choosing the right mix of lifts and repair equipment for your fleet may just be as important as the vehicles themselves. Take a look at our comprehensive buyer’s guide for Heavy Duty Lifts so you can really evaluate what lifts are right for your fleet.

Heavy Duty Resource Guide