6 features that reinvented an original - Introducing the MOD35


This past Monday we officially introduced the all-new MOD35! The new MOD35 is the next generation of heavy-duty inground lifts from Rotary Lift®. We took the same industry-leading features of the MOD30 and added a variety of new, game-changing enhancements our customers requested.  

Over a decade ago, we invented the world's most innovative heavy-duty inground lift. Then, we set out to make it better based on your recommendations and requests. The result is a revolutionary design that enables the new MOD35 to be customized for any application and location.

1. Environmentally sound containment unit

The MOD35 is contained in a 6-foot-deep steel enclosure that has been sealed with the exclusive Rotary Lift EnviroGuard™ coating, which also coats the axels of our greaseless bearings for maintenance-free performance. Our patented Liquid Detection System™ monitors the lift and signals the tech if liquid accumulates in the containment. Built-in access ports allow for easy fluid evacuation.

2. Concrete footer slab

A more environmentally friendly design offers a base rebar mat and a 25 percent reduction in concrete.

3. Reduced maintenance features

The MOD35 can lower the cost of lift ownership thanks to the new abrasion resistant hose guide and slip clutch design. The hose guided keeps the hose tucked neatly away from the moving piston and eliminates the chance for breakage, while the slip clutch allows for mistakes when entering or leaving the maintenance bay.

4. Universal saddle compatibility

Our patented universal saddle is the only one of its kind in the industry. It allows for use with most vehicles in municipal, school bus, commercial fleet and low-profile applications. Plus, it offers the widest range of standard adapters and optional saddles to meet any heavy-duty-vehicle lifting need. The multi-stage cylinder design reduces lift housing depth to only 6 feet.


5. New patent-pending pendant control

The new patent-pending pendant control makes it easy for techs to operate the lift from up to 200 feet away. The separately located, wall-mounted console eliminates clutter and adds more floor space in each bay. Plus, store up to 25 vehicle profiles, including wheelbase and height settings, reducing setup time and boosting productivity.

6. VEC™ Equalization and Control System

Eliminates the need to manually adjust valves and allows technicians to control jacks individually for vehicle spotting or simultaneously for lifting. Additionally, power units have been moved from the pits and placed underground for protection and silent operation.

MOD35                                    *Click picture to enlarge.

In conclusion, these new features will help your shop be more productive and get the big jobs done easier. Just to recap the new MOD35 is environmentally friendly, decreases install costs, reduces overall maintenance and gives each technician more control to reduce setup times.

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