Increase tire sales and services with TreadScan™

Rotary_TreadScan_012419Did you know that more than one-third of American drivers can’t tell if their tires are bald? That’s a major safety concern for drivers since worn tires can increase the likelihood of a crash.

While many of us learned to check tire tread using a penny, there’s now a better way. Rotary’s new TreadScan™ 2700 is a fully automated tire measuring system that makes it easy to quickly and accurately measure and analyze the tire tread of every customer vehicle that comes through your shop.  

How it works: quick and easy measurement

Simply drive the car over the TreadScan reader which houses a built-in laser that automatically measures and photographs the tread on each tire. Within seconds, the data and photos are transmitted to the computer and a tread report is generated with zero technician labor involved. The measurement instantly tells you if the customer’s tires should be replaced or if service, such as an alignment, may be needed.

Increase your sales & services

Performing this simple safety check not only helps protect your customers, but it also allows you to provide them with the information they need to make an immediate purchase decision; adding potential sales and services to your business.

Eric Herbert, service manager at McCubbin Motors in Madison, Indiana, has seen the benefits of having a TreadScan in the shop. “In the short time we’ve had the TreadScan, we’ve seen a 40 percent increase in tire sales and 100 percent increase in alignments,” says Herbert. “It’s simple and easy to use. You just drive the car across it and the TreadScan does the work for you.”

Simple integration into any shop   

There are two versions of TreadScan™ 2700. The base product includes a drive-over tread scanner and a mobile cabinet with computer and printer. It has adjustable ramps to accommodate any car or light truck weighing up to 16,000 lbs. and can be installed in any bay, either mounted to the floor or recessed per shop preference.

It can also be integrated with Rotary alignment equipment. In this configuration, the tread scanner is installed in front of the alignment rack so that every car drives over it on the way to that bay. The TreadScan 2700 software can be installed in the computer used for alignments, cost-effectively eliminating the need for another computer, printer and cabinet. And the price is low enough to install one in every bay instead of tying up valuable space with a dedicated lane.

Want to learn more about the TreadScan 2700? Download our Shortcut to Tire Sales e-book. Or you can also contact your local Rotary distributor and visit Rotary’s TreadScan product page for product specs, photos and a demo video.