How your truck lift can help you retain the best employees


A shop is only as good as its employees. The best mechanics show up on time to diagnose issues accurately and provide quality repairs, all while keeping safety and efficiency top-of-mind. All of which leads to a better bottom line.

Choosing the best-in-class tools will help attract those best-in-class employees. And because they use them so often, your choice of truck lift is especially important. For example, Schneider National has learned first-hand how going with the Mach series mobile column lifts from Rotary means a better-run shop. Here’s a rundown of how choosing the right truck lifts can keep top employees around.

The right truck lift can . . .

Keep Your Technicians Safe
The highest priority in any shop, for both employees and employers, should be safety. When shop owners choose a truck lift with safety in mind, it demonstrates to mechanics that they care about their well-being. That’s the sort of thing that keeps employees around.

Recruits_want_to_work_where_Rotary_Lift_Mobile_Columns_are_usedThe Mach series lifts have been proven to reduce injury risk in several ways. For instance, the columns are battery operated with onboard chargers, so there are no power cords that clutter up the workspace and pose a tripping hazard. And, as Schneider employees have found, the overall design allows technicians to stand during repairs, significantly reducing the types of injuries that come from using creepers.

Help Mechanics Reach Productivity Goals
Even the best employees feel the pressure of meeting goals and deadlines. When you choose a truck lift that’s easy to use and provides faster lifting and lowering, you can reduce the frustration that comes from using clunky equipment under tight time constraints. The Mach series mobile lifts offer:
•    Faster rise
•    The ability to operate from any column
•    Simple setup
•    An automatic steering system, which eliminates the need to manually pump jacks

All of that adds up to much less downtime for technicians.

When Schneider installed a Rotary Mach series column lift in 2008, productivity soared. The company's regional maintenance director says, "We saw massive improvements in cycle time, which means now more of our trucks are out on the roads earning money." Take a look at the other ways the Mach series lifts are keeping technicians happy in the video below.

Everyone appreciates working on equipment that's been engineered for more efficiency. The Rotary Lift Mach series truck lifts offer an array of innovative controls, so technicians know they're working on top-of-the-line equipment.

Wow Top Recruits
Retaining quality employees is crucial, but it's also important to recruit the best from the start, and a quality mobile truck lift can help with that, too. Schneider has seen a surge in interest from potential employees since implementing the Rotary lifts.

The company recruits both experienced and fresh-out-of-school techs, and the lifts make an impression on both groups. A Schneider shop mechanic says, "Recruits walk away from our shops in awe of the Rotary lifts. It makes them want to work here."

Your best employees are worth investing in, and an asset like a top-tier lift will pay dividends in productivity, safety and employee retention. Check out the Mach series lifts today – your employees with thank you.
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