How your heavy-duty truck lift can save you money


When it comes to heavy-duty truck lifts, most shops think about the costs involved for purchase, installation, service, and training. What you might not realize is that the right lift can actually save money in the long run. Here are just some of the ways that the MOD35 can put more money back into your long-term budget:

1. Reduced lift downtime: When you look across the shop floor and see mechanics waiting for equipment to be repaired, do you imagine dollar bills floating out the shop doors? You should.

Downtime is a major concern for every shop owner, because when work stops, revenue can stall, too. Even worse, any downtime can cause maintenance and repair jobs to start stacking up, which can lead to potential overtime once your employees are back up and running. That's why a heavy-duty truck lift that's dependable and well tested is crucial for improving uptime.

2. Increased productivity means more revenue: Having good uptime numbers is nice, but blowing away your previous productivity levels is even better. With a heavy-duty truck lift that has automated controls like the MOD35, you’ll see productivity gains. For example:
•    The universal saddle system allows for faster setup
•    An auto spotting system allows for automatic positioning of the moveable piston without crawling around on the floor
•    Pendant controls let you make adjustments without back-and-forth trips to the control panel, making spotting even more efficient
•    The VEC™ equalization and control system eliminates the need to manually adjust valves while controlling multiple jacks

These seemingly minor moments of efficiency add up, bit by bit, to more money in your operating budget.

For a first-hand account of how the MOD35 helps technicians, see the video below.

3. Save on long-term maintenance: Choosing a quality heavy-duty truck lift will mean fewer lift repairs. With major equipment, the old saying "you get what you pay for" can feel especially true, particularly when cheaply made parts break frequently. Thorough testing shows that we stand behind every single part of the MOD35, from corrosion-resistant nitride shutter plates to multi-stage cylinders.

In addition to that, we’ve engineered the MOD35 with numerous features that specifically reduce maintenance costs, including:
•    Greaseless bearings
•    An abrasion-resistant hose guide
•    A slip clutch design that allows for mistakes when entering or exiting the maintenance bay

4. Being green can save those greenbacks: All those fluids that come with vehicle maintenance can be a major problem for shops if they don't have the right systems in place. You could end up paying for environmental cleanup if those fluids leach into the soil. To combat that, “Everything about [this] lift is very earth friendly,” says Tom Hodge, manager of fleet maintenance, Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority. The MOD35 is completely contained in a sealed steel enclosure, forming a barrier between the lift and the ground, eliminating the possibility of expensive environmental concerns. This containment goes both ways, too, protecting the lift’s mechanisms from potential water damage.

Another advantage is that inground lifts have a smaller footprint than some above-ground units. That means less shop space, which means lower heating and cooling requirements. This ultimately leads to lower electricity bills along with a smaller environmental impact.

A heavy-duty truck lift represents an investment for any shop. But like the best and safest investments, it can pay off in the long run. To learn more about the MOD35 or get in touch, visit our information page.
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