How Lift Speed Affects Your Shop

We've all heard the saying "speed kills". Well, for your shop lifts that couldn't be further from the truth!  Speed is the key to keeping every service bay more profitable and productive.  Maybe you've never taken the time to think about how the speed of your service bay affects your shop.  Are the speed of your shop lifts actually costing you money?  That is a question every shop should ask themselves. We're confident, if you ask that question, the answer will be that speed for your service bay is paramount in making your business more productive, and more profitable.  So let us show you how.

You're probably asking yourself, "does speed really matter that much in my service bay?"  We could just say the answer is yes, but that wouldn't help explain our reasoning.  Instead of just telling you yes, we would like to give you some real numbers. The infographic below breaks down how the speed of your lift can affect your shop and service bays.


Shockwave_Infographic-1Click on the infographic above and download the pdf.

The speed of your lifts can't be ignored.  Time is money; and that statement couldn't be more relevant for those of you that run service bays.  Speed and increased productivity is the blueprint for a more successful shop!  The button below will allow you to see what your ROI would be with a faster more efficient lift.  Take the chance, see what the difference may be.  It could be the boost you need.  


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