Are the Lifts You Work Under Every Day Certified?


You count on the vehicle lifts in your bays to go up and down every day. In fact, lifts are probably used more frequently than any other equipment in the shop. Yet, most technicians and owners take their lifts for granted until something goes wrong, bringing productivity crashing to a halt.

Rotary-Lift-With-New-Gold-LabelTake a minute to look more closely at the lifts you use. Do they have the gold “ALI Certified/Validated by ETL” label on them? This label indicates that the lift has been tested and certified to meet ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011 safety standards. The label is your only assurance that a lift has been third-party tested to meet accepted industry safety and performance standards.

Testing includes verification of the structural integrity of a lift’s systems and components, proper function of its controls, and appropriate lowering speeds and overload protection.

Don’t just assume that the lifts in your shop are certified. It is absolutely legal in North America to sell lifts that do not meet the ANSI safety and performance standards. Installing non-certified lifts, however, is another matter. In the United States, building codes in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., require that any lifts installed be certified. These states and many Canadian provinces have adopted the International Building Code (IBC) which specifically requires that all lifts be certified to the ANSI/ALI standards. If you are using a non-certified lift in one of these areas, building inspectors are authorized to tag it out of service.

Make sure the lifts you rely on are certified. Your livelihood depends on it.

Choose Only OE Parts

Once a certified lift is installed, it is up to you to maintain it properly. Installing aftermarket replacement parts on a vehicle lift can invalidate that lift’s certification, as well as put safety and lift performance at risk. For this reason, Rotary Lift recommends using only original equipment (OE) replacement parts to ensure proper fit and function on any brand of lift.

For Rotary lifts, Genuine Rotary Parts are competitively priced and have been tested to meet ANSI standards. To ensure that you are buying genuine OE replacement parts, purchase them only from factory-authorized distributors and installers.


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