3 Benefits of Rotary® Mobile Column Lifts


While we take a look at the benefits of our MACH series mobile columns, don’t forget that a lift of this type can benefit many types of shops. You may manage a fleet and be more in tune with using our wireless MCH18 mobile column lifts but many light to medium duty dealerships are starting to expand to handling bigger trucks and our MCH13 mobile columns offer huge advantages.

Now, let's take a closer look at 3 benefits that will help your shop become more productive and profitable. Our customers are reporting productivity and revenue gains left and right. We want to share them with you too!



Any shop or business wants the ability to be flexible. The flexibility a shop gains with Rotary mobile column lifts gives you the benefit of open space when your lifts are not in use; creating a bay inside your service center that has multiple uses. Also, you are no longer restricted to lifting inside the garage. If you have a nice day, and a busy shop, mobile column lifts give you the ability to roll them outside and service in the sun. Your possibilities are endless with mobile column lifts. No longer are you bound by bolts in the concrete. Give yourself options and increase your profits and productivity. 



The disadvantage of a bay that has a lift secured to the ground is that bay has one use – servicing with a lift. When you've finished a job with your mobile columns roll them out of the way. They line up nicely — saving you room and allowing you to use your bay for other jobs. Handle jobs that don't need to be on a lift quickly and keep your customers happy with low cycle times. Extra space without losing a lift is an added benefit a shop can't look past.




Making your shop more environmentally friendly is just one bonus of battery power. Saving money on expensive electric is another. You won't have to commit to running lines to your bay with mobile columns because they are battery powered and charge on a regular 110v plug. This saves you money on installation and operation. You’ll reduce your shop’s carbon footprint and keep power in your control.

Don't get stuck with a truck in the air. Power outages can cause major headaches for you and embarrass you with your customers. Avoid those headaches with battery powered lifts! They will give you the peace of mind that your lift is always going to go up and come back down, no matter what happens to your electric supply.

If you are looking to expand your service department or help get your tech's off the ground at a fleet center, remember these three things: flexibility, space savings and battery powered. Those 3 benefits will allow your shop to increase productivity while seeing your profits increase.


How do you see Mobile Columns benefiting your shops? Let us know below.


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