What Makes a Rotary SmartLift® So Clever?

What makes a smart business decision, well, smart? When it comes to purchase decisions, we’d wager it comes down to this: How much did I get for my money? You hope the scheduling software you subscribed to will help you fit more jobs into the day, your newest hire is everything his resume promises, and any new equipment helps your technicians do their jobs better and faster. That certainly applies to car lifts. Your lifts are a very vital piece of the puzzle in your shop, so this is one purchase decision that calls for careful consideration.

 For 20 years, a Rotary SmartLift has been a wise choice. Here’s why.TRIOSL210-FLIPUP

 Smaller Footprint

These in-ground car lifts aren’t space hogs. They make for a clean-looking, open shop, and thanks to a narrow 11 feet x 24 feet bay size, you can fit more bays in less space. So lets apply the savvy business decision test: How much will you get? Depending on your shop setup, you might get a whole extra bay in your already-defined space. That’s a good move that will have a big impact on your bottom line. How much more could you add to your revenue totals in a day with an extra lift? How about in a month? The average shop has recouped the cost of that extra lift in five months, paving the way for profits for years to come.

 An Economical Motor

Here’s another area where SmartLifts can cut costs and boost ROI. Some in-ground lifts rely on large, expensive and inefficient air compressors, but our lift is different. The SmartLift’s small, economical motor only runs when you’re raising the lift. Furthermore, air locks use a very small amount of air from your shop’s air system. That costs just pennies a day. Cheaper to run? Sounds pretty smart.

 It’s Environmentally Responsible

Along with using less energy, the SmartLift offers other environmental advantages. In fact, there are benefits from start to finish:

  • Lifts are shipped with minimal packaging and shipping materials, which means less waste.
  • The underground unit is housed in a recycled polymer composite containment. That means the                                     lift is protected from underground corrosion, and the surrounding soil is protected from fluids. 
  • Both that housing and the steel components of the lift can be harvested and recycled at the end of                              the lift’s life cycle.

 Greater Productivity

If you truly want to talk about getting more for your money, productivity is the place to look. The right lift will help your techs do more work in less time. SmartLift makes their lives easier with several features:SL210SW_Mercedes

  • TRIOTM Arm. These easy-to-adjust three-stage arms offer 18 percent more reach than traditional ones, so they can reach more pickup points more quickly. Drive-through clearance is a wide 88 inches thanks to a tapered yoke, and a contoured drive-over pad allows for more clearance and easier under-car access. All of that adds up to quicker setup time and higher productivity.
  • Easy AccessTM cylinders. Routine cylinder repairs are simpler and faster (75% faster) with floor-level access. That means less downtime and less lost revenue.
  • ShockwaveTM compatibility. When you choose a SmartLift with Shockwave, you’ll get the biggest productivity boost. For starters, rise and descent is twice as fast. Plus motion-activated lasers help techs position the vehicle correctly the first time, and DC power reduces overall operating costs.

Want a full rundown of the benefits you’ll see from a SmartLift? Download the brochure for more info. New Call-to-action