Right-Size Your Two-Post Car Lifts

Safety is important in every industry, but for some the stakes are a little higher. Repair technicians face serious risks, and one of them comes from using the wrong lifts for the job. When your equipment suspends a car above your head, you want it to stand strong. Here’s how to choose a two-post car lift that will hold up under the tasks in your shop.

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Is a Drive-On Car Lift Right for Your Shop?

Drive-on car lifts are a great fit for many shops, but are they right for yours? Making sure you invest your dollars in the right equipment is important, so let’s take a look at who would benefit most from a four-post, drive-on lift.

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Product Spotlight: Smartlift SL210

If you are new to the auto repair industry, you may not be aware of the inground lift’s long history. Their sleek design, smooth operation and space saving footprint make them a terrific option for all kinds of service facilities. Though they’ve been around for decades, there have been many recent updates that put them on equal footing with their two and four post cousins.  An inground lift, like the Smartlift® SL210 is a modern and efficient addition to any shop. So if you require an easy to use, fast, environmentally friendly and durable lift to fill a high volume bay, all while providing a great looking shop floor, then the SL210 is the way to go.

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Car Lifts Designed For Small Garages

If you're in a large city then space is most likely at a premium. Options for shop growth inside the major metropolitan areas across the country are limited. So... what are your options? Well, you could relocate, but that is a road most don’t want to take - whether it be financial, or the disruption the move itself would cause the business. Is there an easier option that will save you the space you need and help you keep costs low? It's actually a simple answer - yes. Instead of looking for more space outside your shop, take a look inside your shop.

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4 Common Questions We Hear About 4-post Lifts

It’s important to understand how a piece of equipment will fit in your shop before you buy it. Your employees are counting on you to make the right call, and it can have a big impact on your bottom line, too. Every day, our distributors answer questions about how our lifts work as shop owners try to make sure they’re buying the right one. To help you make the right decision about choosing a 4-post lift, let’s explore some of the most common questions we hear: 

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Increase Versatility with Four-Post Lift Accessories

Four-post lifts are a staple in some shops. They accommodate vehicles and repairs that might be more difficult to do on a two-post lift, and they’re very easy to use. It’s simple for techs to line up with the runway, drive on and lift. This makes them perfect for general inspections, simple maintenance, etc. And with the addition of some accessories, you can do even more.

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4-Post Lifts Offer Versatility for Your Shop

When you make an investment in a piece of equipment for your shop, you hope your techs will get a lot of use out of it. After all, the more they use it, the more it’s contributing to your bottom line. Sometimes that means buying a tool for a specific job you do often, and other times it means purchasing a piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of tasks. A 4-post lift falls into the latter category. Here’s a snapshot look at how they can be used.

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Four-Post Lift Buyers Guide [Free Ebook]

Your techs use the lifts in your shop all day, every day. In fact, they’re probably the most used pieces of equipment there. And because they use them so often, it’s important to choose the best ones for your business. If you’re considering a four-post lift, our newest ebook can help you decide whether it’s right for your shop and which type of four-post lift would work best.

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Product Spotlight: RLP77

To say “dynamite comes in small packages” may be the greatest understatement ever made if referring to Rotary’s new RLP77. Rotary recently introduced this all new double section scissor lift and expects big things out of its tiny foot print. A sleek design coupled with some of the industry’s most innovative features makes this lift a must have in any shop environment.

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Do You Have a Maintenance Plan in Place?

Let’s talk about maintenance. Some view it as a hassle and something that is only done when absolutely necessary. Others see it as a necessity, a basic function required to keep an operation running smoothly. Every industry and every product is different. But one thing is for sure, in order to keep your shop running at peak performance, some type of maintenance will be required. When looking at options, there are three main maintenance theories followed, all of which have both positive and negative aspects.

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