Why service parts should be important to you

What’s one of the most important things you think about after making a major purchase? For us, we think about service. We think about how we can be there for our customers when they need assistance. We believe you think about that too but many times this is an afterthought in the buying process. We know it’s easy to look past when we are in decision mode. So, in case you weren’t aware, we’d like to make sure you know what you’re getting from Rotary Lift – when it comes to service parts.

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Choose OE Parts to Maintain Automobile Lifts Certification

Once a certified lift is installed, it is up to you to maintain it properly. Installing aftermarket replacement parts on a vehicle lift can invalidate that lift’s certification, as well as put safety and lift performance at risk. For this reason, Rotary Lift recommends using only original equipment (OE) replacement parts to ensure proper fit and function on any brand of lift.
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What should shop owners do to protect their auto lift investment?


Like any machine a vehicle lift needs periodic maintenance. Shop owners and technicians should follow the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures for each auto lift, as outlined in the owner’s manual. Maintenance and inspection requirements vary for different styles and brands of lifts.

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Shockwave™ at work for Ed Morse Cadillac - Car Lift Review


Gene_ByrdHearing real world examples of how something works always helps when you're getting ready to make a decision. We had the chance to speak with Gene Byrd, Fixed Operations Director for Ed Morse Automotive Group and talk about his experience with Rotary Lift's Shockwave™ Equipped Smartlift®.  Gene oversees all of the service, parts and collision centers for the Ed Morse Group. They have 39 bays and 22 technicians at their Tampa location. 

Gene gave us his insights into how this addition has helped his shop and improved their service department in many ways.

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Are the Lifts You Work Under Every Day Certified?

You count on the vehicle lifts in your bays to go up and down every day. In fact, lifts are probably used more frequently than any other equipment in the shop. Yet, most technicians and owners take their lifts for granted until something goes wrong, bringing productivity crashing to a halt.

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5 signs that your lift needs to be repaired

Many modern vehicle lifts require only minimal maintenance. For example, Rotary Lift’s two-post lifts have been designed with self-lubricating slider blocks that never need greasing, and equalization cables that need no lubrication.

However, lifts are machines, and all machines require some preventative maintenance in order to function properly. To make sure that the lift you work under every day is operating at peak performance, take a few minutes to read the maintenance recommendations outlined in its owner’s manual. Maintenance requirements vary by model, manufacturer and brand.

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