Product Spotlight: RLP77

To say “dynamite comes in small packages” may be the greatest understatement ever made if referring to Rotary’s new RLP77. Rotary recently introduced this all new double section scissor lift and expects big things out of its tiny foot print. A sleek design coupled with some of the industry’s most innovative features makes this lift a must have in any shop environment.

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Product Spotlight: SM30 4-Post Lift

Let’s say that you were about to open a vehicle service shop. You want the ability to service a wide variety of vehicles such as cars, light trucks, and SUV’s, but you also want to hit the work truck, service vans and dump truck markets too. You’ll need a lift that can handle your heavy duty needs, as well as give you the versatility to perform a full array of services. Rotary Lift’s SM30 four-post lift is the total package, and the answer to your shop’s lifting needs.

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Get the Most Out of Your Shop with AssistPRO™

Just about every shop has, sitting in the corner, that stack of used tires or the dented filing cabinet with nothing in it but a pair of chemistry class safety goggles. You are reluctant to clean it because you don’t see the point, but what if that spot has revenue generating potential? Would you be willing to part with that rack of used timing belts now? Being an efficient shop is not just about getting cars in and out as quickly as possible, it's also making sure the space you currently have is being utilized to its full potential. 

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Creating Your "Dream Shop"

smartlift-2_installClose your eyes for a moment, and visualize your dream shop. Got it? We know you have at least 10 shiny new Rotary’s in there, that’s a given, but what else did you envision? Tools, equipment? Many can choose the type of lifts, or the size of the shop in an instant, however, it’s the little things that may not be top of mind.  Keying in on those can make a big impact on the productivity of you shop.

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RAI Spotlight: Pacific Lift and Equipment Company

When you think of California, what comes to mind- Hollywood, a hillside mansion, the cast of 90210? Probably all of the above, but what about a family owned and operated business with customer oriented service? That’s probably not first on your list, but that is exactly the case with Pacific Lift and Equipment Company. Nestled right outside of one of the largest cities in the world, you’ll find a 3rd generation family run business, that thrives on providing quality equipment and world class customer service.

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Improving the Repair Experience for Women

There’s a widely held belief that women aren’t treated fairly when it comes to vehicle repairs, and there’s some evidence to support that assumption. For instance, a recent study regarding car repairs from Northwestern Kellogg shows that “women are quoted higher prices than men when callers signal that they are uninformed about market prices.” Another survey from AutoMD found that women would rather go to the dentist than the repair shop. Yikes.

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Real-world Benefits of Shockwave Automotive Lifts

We designed our ShockwaveTM automotive lifts to help dealers and repair shops get more done, and we could say plenty about why we love them. But how about we shut our traps for a minute and let real shop owners share real experiences? It turns out they have a lot to say, too.

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Faster Service Key to Higher Profits

A growing number of North American dealers are trying to increase business by providing faster service to their customers. This expedited service is frequently delivered through standalone express service facilities or quick service lanes integrated into existing service departments. Other dealers are looking for ways to speed up service in their standard bays to drive greater productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Dealer Answers: Upgrade Your Facility Without Adding Space

Rotary Lift’s narrow ATO7 7,000 lb. capacity two-post lift provides an ideal solution for dealers updating older facilities or just looking to save space. The lift can pick up most passenger vehicles and features an overall width of only 10 feet, 3 inches – 14.5 inches narrower than a traditional two-post lift.

“In regions like the Northeast, space is at such a premium that many dealers choose to upgrade existing facilities instead of expanding. An issue that many encounter is wanting to replace old air-over-hydraulic inground lifts with modern lifts. Unfortunately, most modern lifts are too wide for these old, narrow bays,” says Jim Dirksen, vice president of light-duty for Rotary Lift. “Our new ATO7 lift makes it possible to update those narrow bays within the same footprint, so dealers don’t have give up any valuable service bays. The Rotary Lift ATO7 two-post lift is our most popular lift in Europe, and it offers many benefits to North American dealers.”

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How to protect your shop - LockLight™

Every time a technician raises a vehicle for service on a lift, standard industry safety practices require that the lift be “lowered to locks” before starting work. To do this, the vehicle is raised to slightly above working height, and then lowered a bit until the lift locks engage. This process relieves the lift’s hydraulic pressure and places the load of the vehicle securely on mechanical safety latches. Doing so reduces the chance of the vehicle freefalling if the lift system fails.

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