RAI Spotlight: American Hoist Air & Lube

The state of Michigan has become synonymous with freezing cold temps, giant snow storms, and residents who point to their palm to tell you where they’re from. However, many may think about the blue collar auto workers that have made Michigan proud to be the center of the automobile industry. Following in that same tradition is American Hoist Air & Lube, a family owned and operated Rotary Lift distributor whose best-selling feature(aside from great lifts) is their commitment to customer service.

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4 Ways to Make Your Fleet Greener

Managers of fleets, both large and small, are in a unique position to make big changes when it comes to going green. Upping sustainability in both fuel consumption and fleet maintenance can do a lot to reduce a company’s overall environmental footprint.

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90 Second Know Hows

How many times have you found yourself Googling, “how to change the element in your hot water heater”, or “easiest way to peel a boiled egg?” How great is it when a video pops up with a person to give you step-by-step instructions? Well we feel the same way. In fact, we have taken everyone’s love for how-to videos and made our own library. Rotary is continuing to build on our video series called “ 90 Second Know Hows.”
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5 Important Factors Shop Owners Should Consider When Choosing Auto Lifts

Deciding between auto lifts is no small task. As the shop owner, you have to determine which manufacturer and model is right for your needs, and that decision can have a big impact on employees, your shop and your business’s well-being.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is zero in on the best type of auto lift for your particular bay. Look at the kinds of vehicles you plan to work on and the services you’ll perform. Once you’ve narrowed down your options in this way, it comes down to deciding between manufacturers and their specific models.

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3 Accessories to Make Your Tech’s Lives Easier

3-1.pngEveryone is looking for ways to make their job easier. Whether it be installing a new computer program, trying out a new traffic app, or switching to a more ergonomic hammer. Whatever your job, or industry, you will always relish a new tool or device to make your day a little better and more productive.

We at Rotary feel the same, that’s why we offer a great line of accessories designed improve the quality of an already stellar lift lineup!
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Designing your shop to increase profits without increasing square footage

When it comes to your shop, size matters. Bigger is better. And bigger often means the difference between your shop shutting its doors and your shop thriving well into the future. Just ask one of the 6,000 smaller shops that closed between 2008 and 2014. That’s right. Around 6,000 shops went out of business in less than six years. Here’s something even more mindboggling: During that same time, the number of bays in repair shops across the country grew by around 13,000.

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Lifts 101: The Basics of Low-rise Lifts

Inground or four-post auto lifts offer a lot of pick-up power and height, but sometimes a low or midrise lift is exactly what you need. These light-duty lifts are perfect for quick service work like brake and tire jobs, body repairs, or estimating, usually lifting vehicles two to four feet off the ground. Lifts in this category offer productivity benefits over jacks without the financial commitment of other lifts, and there’s a lot to love about them:

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Force Behind the Lift: Aaron Ferguson

When you think of a company’s IT department, images of socially awkward young men who make fun of those who need help with their computer may come to mind. At Rotary Lift however, that description couldn’t be further from the truth. With technology evolving so rapidly, 2 new models of iPhone have been released since you began reading this blog, means a competent, collaborative and flexible IT department is a must for survival. From trouble shooting multiple brands of hardware and devices, to being experts on all programs under the sun, the IT department really is the digital lifeblood that runs a company.   

On the front lines of Information Technology at Rotary is Aaron Ferguson. Aaron is our IT Supervisor and resident “techie.” So let’s take a few minutes to get to know more about the guy who so graciously looks the other way when reviewing our internet browser history.
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5 Ways to Reduce Auto Lift Downtime

When something is as low maintenance as an auto lift, you don’t really notice when it’s operating correctly. That’s just what it does. Until it doesn’t.

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3 Reasons Why SEMA Is For You

Being a part of SEMA every year reinforces to us why you should be there too! The opportunity to see new and improved products and network with industry professionals are just a few of the reasons to go to this awesome show! Just in case you aren't sure what the SEMA show is about we figured they say it best.

 "The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world (PLEASE NOTE: THE SEMA SHOW IS NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC). It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. As part of the AAIW, the SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from more than 100 countries for unlimited profit opportunities in the automotive, truck and SUV, powersports, and RV markets." - www.semashow.com

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