5 tips for recruiting heavy duty mechanics

Staffing is a pain point for many businesses across a variety of industries, but it’s particularly challenging in the heavy duty repair business. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates the industry will average 7,500 job openings annually through 2022. That’s a lot of positions to fill. If you’ve been tasked with hiring quality heavy duty mechanics, you may already be seeing the widening gap between the number of positions that need to be filled and the number of people in line for them. So how do you make the most of the pool that is available? Follow these tips for recruiting the best heavy duty mechanics.

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Keeping Your Fleet Running with Mobile Columns

If you’re responsible for maintaining a fleet, seeing a line of trucks waiting for repairs or maintenance is enough to make a grown man cry. Or at least cause some mild anxiety. Trucks that are sitting aren’t bringing in money. If a vehicle does have to take a time-out for maintenance or repairs, it’s important to keep that downtime as short as possible. Get them in, get them out, and keep them moving.


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Top 3 Reasons to Register Your Rotary Lift

We know you are a thinker, a person who researches and cares about quality. How do we know this? Well, you bought a Rotary.  Enough said. You’ve made a wise decision and a great invest for the future of your shop. Whether your lift was installed by one of our talented and factory trained RAI’s, or you’re the DIY type, get ready to start increasing that bottom line. The only thing left to do is register that bad boy with Rotary.

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Get ready. Things are about to get heavy.

In 1975, C.W. McCall released “Convoy”—an epic country song (that became a not-so-epic movie) about big trucks rolling across the nation in a line like a cross-country truck parade. Now it’s 42 years later, and it feels like that convoy might soon be rolling its way right into your shop.

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Wheel Alignments: Roll into More Revenue

Tire margins are getting tighter every year. Selling tire protection is one way to regain the lost revenue caused by shrinking margins. And, of course, selling alignments is a way to increase your profitability. But as most tire dealers will tell you: it’s not easy to sell alignments. So how do you get more alignment business?

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Rotary Lift Warranties: FAQs

Rotary builds the “world’s most trusted lift,” and that is a fact. Many of our lifts sold over 20 years ago are still in use today. We strive to build each lift to highest of manufacturing and quality standards, in order to provide you with a valued piece of equipment that your shop can depend on for years to come. However, for those times you might need it, another aspect of offering a world class lift is providing a world class warranty.

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Cheap Parts Could Cost More in the Long Run

When you need replacement parts for your Rotary lift, it’s tempting to purchase imitation parts rather than Rotary Lift parts. After all, those imitation parts are often less expensive. But cheap doesn’t just describe the price. It also describes the quality. And many times, cheap parts can cost you a lot more than genuine, well made parts. Here’s how:

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Five Ways to Improve Your Fleet Repair

Every once in a while, even the busiest private repair shops have to think about what happens if their service volume declines. Not you. You have a lot of challenges, but twiddling your thumbs isn’t one of them. When you’re in charge of a fleet, there’s always plenty to do. In fact, there’s so much work that you sometimes forget to take a step back and see if there’s anything you could do to improve your fleet repair output. And that’s okay, because we’ve compiled a number of ways for you and your facility to become more efficient and productive.

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NADA Turning 100

Think of what your 100th birthday would be like…Probably a large cake(capable of holding 100 candles), your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren huddled around singing happy birthday. We would all more than likely envision a pretty low key gathering to celebrate such a huge milestone. I doubt however, any of us see ourselves living it up in New Orleans while we ring in our entrance to the century club, but that’s just what NADA is doing.

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Product Spotlight: MACH™ Flex Powered by RedFire™

What features or benefits do you look for when deciding on new mobile column lifts? Do you want them to be easily adjustable and a breeze to roll around? How about quick setup and an easy to understand user interface? Maybe you need a completely wireless system that allows the lift to operate from any column. Well, if those options meet your criteria, then we have the perfect columns for you, the Rotary MACH 18 mobile columns.

However, at Rotary, we pride ourselves on innovation and leading the industry in new and super productive equipment. We never go back to the drawing board because, frankly, we never left it. So after having the best and most innovative mobile columns on the market, we decided to step up our game just a bit more.

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