5 Myths About Truck Lifts Debunked

Assuming you already know everything there is to know about a topic can be a big mistake, and that’s especially true when it comes to big decisions like choosing a truck lift for your shop. To help set you up for success, we’ve compiled a list of five misconceptions about truck lifts, plus the facts to set the record straight.

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Lift Inspections: A complete list of Rotary Lift affiliated ALI-certified lift inspectors

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Certified Lift Inspectors program includes more Rotary Lift distributor and installer employees than any other manufacturer. More than 100 Rotary-affiliated inspectors are currently enrolled in the program and on their way to achieving certification.

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Raised In Madison: Teamwork and Pride

Our latest series of videos for its Raised in Madison™ campaign shines the spotlight on five hardworking employees in the company's Madison, Ind. manufacturing and assembly plants. Watch the new "Men and Women of Steel" videos at www.rotarylift.com/Raised-In-Madison/Men-of-Steel.

Raised in Madison was launched last year to tell the "behind-the-lift" stories of the people who build and support Rotary® Lift's industry-leading car and truck lifts. The campaign highlights the pride and craftsmanship Rotary Lift employees put into their work, as well as the family atmosphere on the plant floor. The original Raised in Madison video series focused on the teams responsible for iconic Rotary Lift light- and heavy-duty products, while the new "Men and Women of Steel" series provides a more in-depth look at how some of the workers got their start at Rotary Lift and what the company means to them.

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Upgrading and Maintaining Your Lifts For School Bus Inspections

Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it mandatory state bus inspections for many school districts. Garage operators concentrating on getting their buses in top shape should also take the time to evaluate their vehicle lifts, as lifts are essential to the inspection process.  

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Faster Service Key to Higher Profits

A growing number of North American dealers are trying to increase business by providing faster service to their customers. This expedited service is frequently delivered through standalone express service facilities or quick service lanes integrated into existing service departments. Other dealers are looking for ways to speed up service in their standard bays to drive greater productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Your Answer To Servicing High Roof Commercial Vans

The commercial van market is enjoying a renaissance as businesses and individuals flock to new unibody models including the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Nissan NV and Ram ProMaster. Technicians can efficiently service even the tallest high-roof vans with the new Rotary Lift extended-height SPO12 two-post lift introduced at the NADA Expo 2015. The new extended-height option, which increases the lift’s overall height by three feet, is available for both the standard and timesaving Shockwave™ SPO12 models.

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Women of Steel: Kim Jones


Meet the people that define what being Raised In Madison™ means. All our employees' stories are different but at their core we are all the same -- our dedication to quality drives us.
Today hear Kim Jones journey, of dedication and hard work. Hear how her persistence in wanting to work for Rotary Lift has paid off. The determination she has shown, not only in wanting to work here, but in her drive is something we should all strive for.
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Dealer Answers: Upgrade Your Facility Without Adding Space

Rotary Lift’s narrow ATO7 7,000 lb. capacity two-post lift provides an ideal solution for dealers updating older facilities or just looking to save space. The lift can pick up most passenger vehicles and features an overall width of only 10 feet, 3 inches – 14.5 inches narrower than a traditional two-post lift.

“In regions like the Northeast, space is at such a premium that many dealers choose to upgrade existing facilities instead of expanding. An issue that many encounter is wanting to replace old air-over-hydraulic inground lifts with modern lifts. Unfortunately, most modern lifts are too wide for these old, narrow bays,” says Jim Dirksen, vice president of light-duty for Rotary Lift. “Our new ATO7 lift makes it possible to update those narrow bays within the same footprint, so dealers don’t have give up any valuable service bays. The Rotary Lift ATO7 two-post lift is our most popular lift in Europe, and it offers many benefits to North American dealers.”

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Raised In Madison: Men and Women of Steel

Over the last year you've heard a lot about Raised In Madison. We've even written a blog about it -- What is Raised In Madison™?
Being Raised In Madison™ means many things, to many people. If you walk onto our shop floor the overwhelming majority of our employees will tell you it means family. Working together as a team is an important aspect to Rotary® Lift and this has fostered the feeling of being part of a family even more. Our employees are a very tight-knit group -- they work together, their kids go to school together, their families spend time together and they genuinely care about each other. This has built trust, over the years, in each individual's responsibilities. Our employees can turn to each other when something is needed at work or at home. This sense of family is not uncommon in the Midwest. It's part of our being...it's who we are -- our hard working employees pride themselves on these values and trust. It goes into every lift we build.
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The Force Behind The Lift - Meet Jeff Hay

We recently sat down with Jeff Hay, corporate controller with VSG. Jeff's expertise in various fields has been an extremely valuable part of our growth over the last few years at VSG. It's employees like Jeff that make Rotary Lift what is is today. Take a few minutes to meet Jeff, one of Rotary’s Force Behind the Lift.
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