90 Second Know How: Two-Post Cable Adjustment

If you own, work in, or have ever set foot inside an auto repair shop, you undoubtedly have seen a two-post lift. Two-posters are the workhorse of many shops and are an iconic image when you think of auto repair.  Their versatility, efficiency and small foot prints make them ideal for most shops. But, if a lift goes down, productivity is reduced, and money is lost. Keeping your two-post running safely is paramount to your shop’s financial goals.

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A Quick Guide to a Greener Shop

We all know what buzz words are, right? The trendy words that grab attention for a short time. For example, “cloud” is all the rage in the tech world now. “Forward thinking” is dominating many industries as well. But what happens to a buzz word that sticks around? The phrase “Going Green” may be the king of all buzz words, and whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay. Whatever your motivation may be, tax incentives, government mandates or your own personal beliefs, reducing your company’s carbon footprint is something you can embrace.   

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The Secret to Earning Customer Referrals

When it comes to things like auto repair, potential customers tend to turn to their friends and family for advice. After all, this isn’t a visit to the grocery store. Auto repairs take skill, and because they might not understand the process, drivers could be hesitant to trust the first shop they find in the yellow pages. So how can you cash in on that tendency to seek recommendations? Let’s take a look.

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Lifting Medium Duty Trucks

For fleet managers, independent shops and dealerships that repair medium duty trucks, finding the right lift can be a balancing act. You want the speed of a car lift, but the capacity of a truck lift. Inground lifts like the SL212SW hit the sweet spot, providing a mix of efficiency and hoisting power. Here’s a look at three things that make inground lifts a good option for any shop that services medium duty trucks and vans. 

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Car Lifts Designed For Small Garages

If you're in a large city then space is most likely at a premium. Options for shop growth inside the major metropolitan areas across the country are limited. So... what are your options? Well, you could relocate, but that is a road most don’t want to take - whether it be financial, or the disruption the move itself would cause the business. Is there an easier option that will save you the space you need and help you keep costs low? It's actually a simple answer - yes. Instead of looking for more space outside your shop, take a look inside your shop.

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3 Ways Small Shops Can Increase Efficiency

Just because your auto repair shop is small doesn’t mean your goals should be too. Even the tiniest operations can increase revenue, grow their customer base and thrive. The key is to make the most of what you have by increasing efficiency in important areas. Here are three zones to focus on.

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90 Second Know Hows

How many times have you found yourself Googli ng, “how to change the element in your hot water heater”, or “easiest way to peel a boiled egg?” How great is it when a video pops up with a person to give you step-by-step instructions? Well we feel the same way. In fact, we have taken everyone’s love for how-to videos and made our own library. Rotary is continuing to build on our video series called “ 90 Second Know Hows.”
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4 Common Questions We Hear About 4-post Lifts

It’s important to understand how a piece of equipment will fit in your shop before you buy it. Your employees are counting on you to make the right call, and it can have a big impact on your bottom line, too. Every day, our distributors answer questions about how our lifts work as shop owners try to make sure they’re buying the right one. To help you make the right decision about choosing a 4-post lift, let’s explore some of the most common questions we hear: 

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Installing a Platform Lift: 3 Things to Consider

For many shops, making the best use of floor space is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. From where to store tools to how you can fit in the most bays, it all takes some planning. And when you think about purchasing a new lift, determining how and where to install it is a major consideration. If you’re adding a heavy duty platform lift like the V-REX to your shop, here’s what you need to keep in mind...

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Force Behind the Lift: Andrew Bear

What makes for a strong company? Reliable products, good marketing, a solid sales team; all of those for sure, but what about after the sale? Many say how a company takes care of their customers, may be the truest measure of strength. If that holds true, then Rotary has some serious power. Our customer service team is second to none, and you encounter it with every call.

Today we are talking with Andrew Bear. Andrew is one of the newest members of the customer service team, but don't let that fool you. What he may lack in seniority, he makes up for in personality and product knowledge.

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