Break It Down: Helping Customers Understand Auto Repair Estimates

Satisfying your customers is all about trust. But since your customers are unlikely to have the knowledge about vehicle repair that you do, how do you help them understand why a complicated repair is necessary? Here are a few tips to help you break down complicated auto repair estimates.

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Improving the Repair Experience for Women

There’s a widely held belief that women aren’t treated fairly when it comes to vehicle repairs, and there’s some evidence to support that assumption. For instance, a recent study regarding car repairs from Northwestern Kellogg shows that “women are quoted higher prices than men when callers signal that they are uninformed about market prices.” Another survey from AutoMD found that women would rather go to the dentist than the repair shop. Yikes.

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Sky’s the Limit on Outside Lifts

Can I install a lift outside? If I do, will it void my warranty? These are common questions we get on our website, and the answer is…maybe! First we have to set some terminology. “Outside” for our discussion will be just that; outdoors, with no cover, no overhang and no protection from the elements. “Open Air” is not in a building proper, but does have a roof or overhead cover of some sort and has protection from the elements; especially rain and/or snow. So the long and short of it: No to an outside lift, Yes for an open air lift.

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5 Ways to Give Your Customer Service Skills a Tune-up

5_ways_1.5.2015It happens to every shop at some point: You and your employees get so caught up in doing the actual work of your daily jobs that interactions with customers begin to slide. But there are a few proven ways to retain customers and even exceed their expectations, and it starts with sharpening your customer service skills. Here are five everyday best practices to ensure your customers keep bringing their business back.

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Real-world Benefits of Shockwave Automotive Lifts

We designed our ShockwaveTM automotive lifts to help dealers and repair shops get more done, and we could say plenty about why we love them. But how about we shut our traps for a minute and let real shop owners share real experiences? It turns out they have a lot to say, too.

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3 Ways to Boost Employee Motivation in Your Shop

Employee motivation matters. Especially when you work in a business where productivity is key. In repair shops, motivated, engaged technicians get more jobs done. It’s as simple as that. They also stick around longer, keeping valuable experience in your company. Giving your employees – and your shop – a shot of energy doesn’t have to be elaborate. Here are some steps you can take:

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What is ALI?

One of the most important labels to look for on a new lift (other than the Rotary Lift label, of course) is a small gold certification label. It is the label placed on a lift by the Automotive Lift Institute.

When this label is on a lift, it means that lift model has been tested by an independent, nationally recognized testing laboratory and has been proven to meet or exceed industry safety and performance standards as laid out in ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011. It also means that the lift manufacturer’s production facilities have been audited and proven to meet manufacturing standards. Without this label, there is no guarantee that a lift meets accepted safety standards. There are a few testing laboratories that are approved to test lifts, but there is only one organization that certifies and validates the results: the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).

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The Force Behind the Lift: Allison Hall

How do you setup your 401k to get the optimal return? Which insurance plan is best for your family of four? What is the best stretch to relieve a pain in your quadriceps or even what key was Beethoven’s 5th Symphony originally written in? You would probably have to ask several different professionals to find the answers to these questions, but if you are lucky enough to work at Rotary Lift, you have Allison Hall. Allison is our Compensation and Benefits Coordinator and one of the smiling faces you meet on your first day at Rotary. So from power lifting to payroll questions, she can do it all. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know Allison, our resident Renaissance Woman.

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RAI Spotlight: Central Nebraska Equipment

The central United States is known as the Heartland of America. It gets its name not only geographically, but also from the people that reside there. Genuine, hard working, _________(insert any number of adjectives that combine hospitality, and determination.) The companies that call the area home, share the same qualities as the residents and no business personifies the stereotype more than Central Nebraska Equipment.

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Expanding? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

Planning a shop expansion is an exciting time. You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and seeing your business move to the next level is rewarding. Take a few moments to enjoy that, but also know that you’ll need to focus a lot of energy on this transition. You’re setting the stage for the next chapter, and you’ll want to make sure everything is just right. Set yourself up for success by avoiding some common pitfalls.

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