Car Lifts Designed For Small Garages

If you're in a large city then space is most likely at a premium. Options for shop growth inside the major metropolitan areas across the country are limited. So... what are your options? Well, you could relocate, but that is a road most don’t want to take - whether it be financial, or the disruption the move itself would cause the business. Is there an easier option that will save you the space you need and help you keep costs low? It's actually a simple answer - yes. Instead of looking for more space outside your shop, take a look inside your shop.

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The Force Behind The Lift - Meet Bryan Taylor


Over the past several years, Bryan Taylor, research and development engineer with Rotary Lift® has been the engineer behind the designs of some of our most successful lifts. But that’s just part of what drives him. Take a few minutes to meet Bryan, one of Rotary’s Force Behind the Lift. 

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6 features that reinvented an original - Introducing the MOD35


This past Monday we officially introduced the all-new MOD35! The new MOD35 is the next generation of heavy-duty inground lifts from Rotary Lift®. We took the same industry-leading features of the MOD30 and added a variety of new, game-changing enhancements our customers requested.  

Over a decade ago, we invented the world's most innovative heavy-duty inground lift. Then, we set out to make it better based on your recommendations and requests. The result is a revolutionary design that enables the new MOD35 to be customized for any application and location.

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Making the most of APTA

Next Monday the show floor will be busy with exhibits and people at the 2014 APTA Expo in Houston, TX. We are extremely excited to be a part of the show. We have a lot to talk about this year! The official launch of our all-new MOD35 and one other little you know we aren't going to tell you. You'll have to attend the show to find out, and we hope to see you there. But besides our exciting announcements and demo's there are plenty of other things to see at APTA this year.

So we decided to help you out with that. Below is a list of four things to make the most of your APTA visit! By the way Rotary Lift® will be located in booth #3447! Don't forget to stop by and say hi!

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The Force Behind The Lift - Meet Howard Hinze

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Rotary Lifts are built up to a standard, not down to a price

In 1925, our founder, Peter Lunati, designed and patented the world’s first hydraulic automotive lift. Not long after that, in 1936, our marketing forefathers, while advertising the “Free-Wheel Superstructure” said that “Rotary Lifts are built up to a standard, not down to a price.” Truer words were never written.

Next year, we will celebrate our 90th year of building the world’s best and most trusted lifts. In all those years, so much has changed, yet one thing remains the same…Rotary Lift’s commitment to building a quality product that will serve your business years into the future.

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The Force Behind The Lift - Meet Larry Kendall


Today we sat down with Mr. Larry Kendall, facility planner and technical information specialist with Rotary Lift. Larry is one of our secret weapons.. oh you thought we were referring to the picture above... no. We say that because some may not know that he handles all of our facility design for our customers. This is a service we offer to our customers free of charge, and Larry spearheads every project. We know many of you have worked with Larry over the years and are working with him today. He is extremely talented in his field and we consider ourselves lucky to have him on our team.
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What should shop owners do to protect their auto lift investment?


Like any machine a vehicle lift needs periodic maintenance. Shop owners and technicians should follow the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures for each auto lift, as outlined in the owner’s manual. Maintenance and inspection requirements vary for different styles and brands of lifts.

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The Force Behind The Lift - Meet Brad McAlister


Today, you get to meet the man behind the camera — the man behind the making of any Rotary Lift® videos. His name is Brad McAlister, and we couldn't be happier to have him on our team! We're sure you've seen his work! The videos he's produced provide our customers' with a look inside our company and a closer look at our products. He has been one of the main contributors to our brand new "Raised In Madison™" campaign and has helped us bring that campaign to life through video.

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Shockwave™ at work for Ed Morse Cadillac - Car Lift Review


Gene_ByrdHearing real world examples of how something works always helps when you're getting ready to make a decision. We had the chance to speak with Gene Byrd, Fixed Operations Director for Ed Morse Automotive Group and talk about his experience with Rotary Lift's Shockwave™ Equipped Smartlift®.  Gene oversees all of the service, parts and collision centers for the Ed Morse Group. They have 39 bays and 22 technicians at their Tampa location. 

Gene gave us his insights into how this addition has helped his shop and improved their service department in many ways.

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