Product spotlight: AR18 4-Post Alignment Lift

Versatile tools mean a versatile shop. When the equipment you use is more than a one-trick pony, you can offer a much wider variety of services. Enter the AR18 4-post alignment lift. It’s one of our most adaptable products, and it can handle plenty of vehicles and jobs.

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50 Years in the Making…of Lifts

When you sit back and think, 50 years isn’t a very long time. If you are referring to the age of a person, 50 years could be considered middle aged. When discussing houses, a home built in the 1960’s would not be considered historic. Some say wines don’t even reach full maturity until they hit the 70 year mark. However, when talking about the relationship between an employee and employer, 50 years would seem almost unattainable, not to Eddie Brooks.

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Do Smaller Lifts Mean You Should Use Less Space … or More?

There’s no question that choosing a lift that takes up less space can be a smart business move. Our narrow inground SmartLifts keep your shop uncluttered and take up just 11 feet x 24 feet for each bay. (Learn about a variety of other benefits here.) There are lots of advantages to choosing a lift that isn’t a space hog, but if you’re starting a new shop or in a position to make some changes, which way should you go? Is it better to opt for a smaller shop space or go with a larger area and install more lifts? The answer truly depends on your business and situation, but we’ll break down the pros and cons of each scenario to help you make a smart decision.

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The Why and How of Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification

The technology behind today’s cars and trucks is more complex than ever. Add in the functionality allowed by emergency vehicles, and repairs become even more complicated. And when you factor in the water tanks, ladders, warning lights, oxygen systems … well, you get the idea. There’s a lot going on.

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The Force Behind the Lift - Jared Miller

Have you ever needed someone to build a website from the ground up? A person to edit a photo where it looks like you climbed Everest? Maybe you are looking for a guy who makes his own clothes and uses turtle shells as cereal bowls? Well, do we have the man for you! Jared Miller, Web Design Specialist for Rotary Lift. Jared is a man of many talents to say the least. He is responsible for the design and overall feel of our websites, as well as being our resident Photoshop expert. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know the guy who can design a great looking mobile website, but can’t view it because he doesn’t have a cell phone.

These guys need a lift.

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SEMA Show Survival Guide

Whether it’s your first trip to Vegas, or you are an old hand at navigating the over 140,000 industry professionals in town, you don’t want to be the person in the corner crying. With seemingly endless exhibitors and booths, it can be a little overwhelming to make your way through the madness. You are sure to be impressed, but to make the most of your trip, take a few tips from our SEMA Survival Guide.

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What's So Special About Rotary Authorized Installers?

RAI_logoSo, after doing all the homework, you have made the right decision and decided to buy a Rotary Lift. Get ready for years of lifting ease. Our lifts have many great options and capabilities. But there’s one thing they cannot do -install themselves. You have a few options when it comes to setup.  1) You can leave it in the shipping material and have a nice piece of abstract art,  2) You can install it yourself, provided you have the correct tools, knowledge and ability or  3) You can call a Rotary Authorized Installer(RAI), and let the pros take care of it. Though it is possible to install a lift on your own, we highly recommend RAIs for several reasons. They are factory trained and re-certified, fully bonded/insured and with the industry’s largest support network, there’s probably one close by.

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Force Behind the Lift: Kim Jones

Rosie "The Riveter", "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey, Kim "The Woman of Steel" Jones, what do these three have in common?  They're driven, great at their job, and could no doubt beat me in a fist fight.  However, there is only one that will ensure your shop or garage gets the very best lift and accessories money can buy.  Kim Jones, is one of Rotary Lift's Cell Coordinators and today we find out a little more about the "Woman of Steel."  

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Top 10 Vehicle Lift Safety Tips

Every shop owner/manager is constantly trying to increase the productivity and efficiency of their shop, but it cannot come at the sacrifice of safety. The priority is to ensure the employees go home in the same way they came, so when it comes to safety, nothing is a good thing. Safety is when nothing happens. No incidents, no injuries, no close calls, nothing. Every shop has their own unique rules and guidelines, however, some rules are transcendent and should be applied anywhere there is a vehicle lift in use. We have put together a list highlighting the top tips in lift safety. Follow these and your shop could be on its way to nothing, but in a good way.         

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Is Your Shop Equipped for Free Wheel Lifting?


Form is everything.  Start with feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees and use your legs to…Oh wait, this is free wheel lifting not free weight lifting.  Whoops.  In that case, free wheel lifting is way easier, many lifts allow you to have wheels free access, and the machine can do all the lifting, not you. What is free wheel?  It’s just as it sounds, lifting a vehicle and having “free” access to the wheels so technicians can perform jobs like tire changes, rotation and brake work.  Here is a breakdown on how each lift is or can be equipped for wheels free lifting:

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