Are You Ready for the Move Toward Taller Vans?

Managing a shop isn’t just about understanding what’s happening now. It’s also about recognizing what’s on the horizon, because when there’s a significant shift in the auto industry, it typically trickles down and affects maintenance and repair standards. One such shift is the move toward taller-profile European-style cargo vans. Manufacturers are coming out with new models of these higher-capacity vans, and they’re becoming more and more popular among consumers.

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The Force Behind the Lift: Intern Edition

Here at Rotary we are pleased to offer internships to some of the best and brightest collge students, so that they may gain valuable work experience from the makers of the "World's Most Trusted Lift."  They mean more to Rotary than a short 3 month "summer job," they become part of the Rotary family.  From the production floor to the accounting department, our interns work along side us everyday.  How about we learn a little more about the "little lifters."

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How Much Can Your Vehicle Lift Really Handle?

You know the vehicle lift in your shop can handle a lot. You’ve seen it lift cars or trucks or busses and more. But what about more practical uses? How many footballs could it hoist? How many polar bears? These are the pressing questions that keep us up at night. You, too, we’re sure! So we did the research. Here’s what our lifts can handle.Blog_Post_7.23.2015

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The Importance of Efficiency in Heavy Duty Shops

It’s no secret that maintenance costs are an important factor for fleets. In fact, according to a study from the American Transportation Research Institute, maintenance expenses account for 9 percent of total motor carrier costs. That works out to about 15 cents per mile, which is almost as much as the cost of leasing or buying the vehicles (16 cents per mile, on average). That’s some real, hard evidence that shaving costs in the shop can have a big impact on the business as a whole. It’s also evidence that efficiency in the heavy duty shop is essential.

 Encouraging efficiency at the maintenance and repair level will have a ripple effect that falls right to the bottom line. If this is something your shop needs to work on, here’s how to get started:  

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The Force Behind the Lift- Barb Greene

Today we are talking with Barb Greene, Product Consultant for Rotary Lift

You may have talked to Barb for one reason or another over the past couple of years. Currently working in Servall™ with the car programs, she’s also helped manage moving our product from the factory line to the installer’s hands. Let's get to know Ms. Greene  and find out what makes this chick tick.


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Maintain Your Fleet with Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

If you’re responsible for maintaining a fleet, seeing a line of trucks waiting for repairs or maintenance is enough to make a grown man cry. Or at least cause some mild anxiety. Trucks that are sitting aren’t bringing in money. If a vehicle does have to take a time-out for maintenance or repairs, it’s important to keep that downtime as short as possible. Get them in, get them out, and keep them moving.

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5 Ways Mobile Lifts Will Make Your Life Easier

Making life just a little easier for the technicians in your shop isn’t just a nice thing to do. It’s also a smart business decision. Techs with better equipment can do better work, which leads to a better shop overall. So which lift will give the biggest boost? Let’s take a closer look at one option you should consider: mobile lifts. Here are five advantages of portable lifts:


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Force Behind the Lift - Shaun Runyon

Today we are talking to Shaun Runyon, Webmaster for Rotary Lift.

Have you ever “Googled?”  Of course you have.  Did you notice that the most relevant sites tend to come up first on your search page?  Well, that is no accident.  There is a complicated set of rules that must be followed in order to have your site remain in those coveted spots.  At Rotary, that job along with many others, fall primarily on one man, Shaun Runyon.  Let’s meet the “Google Guy.”


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Why Battery-Powered Mobile Lifts are Greener

As a fleet maintenance manager, even seemingly small decisions have a big impact. When your choices affect the performance of your fleet – and entire company – everything is compounded. It’s important to keep this snowball effect in mind when it comes to going green. 

The choices you make at every level matter: from the materials you use to build your shop to how you power your lifts. Your shop’s carbon footprint is composed of a hundred different decisions you’ve made. Here’s one that can make your footprint a little smaller: choosing a mobile lift with DC battery power.

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Force Behind The Lift - Meet Melissa Jackson

Today we are speaking with Melissa Jackson, HR Coordinator for Rotary Lift. 

The human resources department is a new employee’s initial encounter with their employer, so a good first impression is important for the growth of a career.  At Rotary, that first impression, is Melissa Jackson and she makes for a great guide to start your journey. A 9 year veteran of Rotary she has helped countless employees not only start a great job, but grow a great career.

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