Rotary Lift Warranties: FAQs

Rotary builds the “world’s most trusted lift,” and that is a fact. Many of our lifts sold over 20 years ago are still in use today. We strive to build each lift to highest of manufacturing and quality standards, in order to provide you with a valued piece of equipment that your shop can depend on for years to come. However, for those times you might need it, another aspect of offering a world class lift is providing a world class warranty.

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Inground Lifts: You have questions. We have answers.

If there’s one thing classic television can teach us, it’s that sometimes you need “just the facts.” So if you’re contemplating a new inground lift for your shop but you’re still doing a little detective work before you pull the trigger, you’re in the right place. We’ll give you a little history on the inground lift (spoiler alert: that history starts with us). Then we’ll let you know what you should look for before your purchase, as well as what you can expect from a Rotary Inground Lift.

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Our latest scissor lift cuts through the competition.

Typically, we bring you good advice and tips for running your shop. Today is no different. It’s just that the best advice and biggest tip we can give you right now is to check out our new low-profile, double scissor lift with the industry’s most innovative equalization and locking systems—the Rotary Lift RLP77 Double Scissor Lift.

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Force Behind the Lift: Scott Field

Does your typical day consist of blogging, writing emails and scrolling through multiple social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? If no, then you are probably an adult with a normal career; if you answered yes, you are either a teenager between the ages of 13-15 or you are a Content Marketing Strategist.

Today we talk with Rotary's Content Marketing Specialist, Scott Field. Though many aspects of his job may seem more suited for one of today's youth, he is in fact responsible for much of the content that is disseminated through our multiple media channels. So let's take some time to get to know the guy whos greatest work achievement was getting more than 3,000 Facebook likes on a "car lift selfie."

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Cheap Parts Could Cost More in the Long Run

When you need replacement parts for your Rotary lift, it’s tempting to purchase imitation parts rather than Rotary Lift parts. After all, those imitation parts are often less expensive. But cheap doesn’t just describe the price. It also describes the quality. And many times, cheap parts can cost you a lot more than genuine, well made parts. Here’s how:

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Designing Lifts that Last


As the manufacturer of the World’s most Trusted Lift, and the leader in the lift industry, we take the quality and dependability of our lifts very seriously.  From conception, to engineering, to testing and production launch, the design process for a Rotary lift is focused on delivering a high value product.  At Rotary, we want our lifts to perform to both our customer’s standards, as well as our own. 

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Truths and Tips about Customer Service that Drive Business

You do a great job. You perform the services your customers need. You get them back on the road as quickly as possible. You warranty your work. What else could customers want? Well, it turns out they want a lot more. In fact, they demand it.

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90 Second Know Hows

How many times have you found yourself Googli ng, “how to change the element in your hot water heater”, or “easiest way to peel a boiled egg?” How great is it when a video pops up with a person to give you step-by-step instructions? Well we feel the same way. In fact, we have taken everyone’s love for how-to videos and made our own library. Rotary is continuing to build on our video series called “ 90 Second Know Hows.”
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10 Tips to Increase Safety in Your Shop

Every shop owner/manager is constantly trying to increase the productivity and efficiency of their shop, but it cannot come at the sacrifice of safety. The priority is to ensure the employees go home in the same way they came, so when it comes to safety, nothing is a good thing. Safety is when nothing happens. No incidents, no injuries, no close calls, nothing. Every shop has their own unique rules and guidelines, however, some rules are transcendent and should be applied anywhere there is a vehicle lift in use. We have put together a list highlighting the top tips in lift safety. Follow these and your shop could be on its way to nothing, but in a good way.         

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Right-Size Your Two-Post Car Lifts

Safety is important in every industry, but for some the stakes are a little higher. Repair technicians face serious risks, and one of them comes from using the wrong lifts for the job. When your equipment suspends a car above your head, you want it to stand strong. Here’s how to choose a two-post car lift that will hold up under the tasks in your shop.

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